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10 easy and stylish hairstyle ideas for a 40 year old woman

There is no longer any doubt that the heat wave has indeed arrived in France. And inevitably, in such heat, we have to shake up our beauty habits. On the make-up side, we have already swapped our foundation for a fluid resistant to heat and even perspiration. However, this is not enough! The higher the temperatures, the less we support our hair. Beyond 30 degrees, we prefer to wear them up. But what a pretty hairstyle attached to adopt at 40 ? Here are 10 easy and very elegant ideas to inspire you!

From the simplest to the most sophisticated – which will have a small effect… – there is something for everyone. To wear on the occasion of a dinner with friends or simply to spend a day at the office, each of these hairstyles will make you instantly elegant. Bring out your prettiest accessories and your styling appliances, and you have the most beautiful hairstyles of the summer!

We play with accessories!

The scarf. We all have a drawer full of silk scarves. We never really know when or how to wear and show them off. This summer, use your squares to tie up your hair and clear your lengths from the face. You can, for example, simply fold it to create a headband that you can tie at the neck.

The headband. If you like to keep your hair down but can’t stand the heat, this hairstyle is for you. Blow-dry using a blower brush or a hair dryer and a round brush, then free your face with an elegant headband. Easy, fast and classy!

The beaded barrette. The beaded barrette is practical for creating an elegant hairstyle very quickly. We slip it into our bag, and when we’re fed up, we tie our hair with it. For a slightly worked hairstyle, we come twist the two wicks which frame our face and we attach them to the back of the head with the clip.

The braid made with a scarf. Here is another way to wear your scarves: make a braid with three strands, one of which is the scarf. A perfect hairstyle idea for the summer which allows us as a bonus to make match this accessory with our look. THE detail that will make all the difference!

The cleared square. Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you can’t find a cute hairstyle attached. If you wear a square, you can for example draw a stripe on the side, then tie one of the sides with thin bars. This hairstyle is very quick to achieve and above all very pretty, whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair.

Classic hairstyles with an original twist

The strict ponytail. Classic but very effective, the ponytail is always a good idea. For a very elegant hairstyle, you can smooth your lengths and flatten your roots well. Finally, remember to hide the elastic with a thin lock of hair for more elegance.

The wavy ponytail. For a more glamorous look at 40, you can, rather than straighten your lengths, undulate using a curling iron. Also remember to let two locks fall on the front of your face to finish the hairstyle well.

The twist. The twist is more original than a simple braid. Tie your hair in a tight, low ponytail. Separate into two sections and twist them together. That’s it !

The low bun. If you don’t really have time to style your hair, you can opt for a low bun. Flatten all of your hair with a little frost, help yourself with a comb. Tighten your bun well, and you have the elegant hairstyle that will highlight your face and your outfit.

The high half-tail. To make the half-up more elegant, you can simply opt for blow-drying the lengths. Make a ponytail with half of your hair. Then grab your straightener! Slide the plates from the roots and tilt the straightener outward when passing through the peaks.

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