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10 flowy and light pants better than jeans

While the jeans were among the most searched clothes on google over the past few months, here they are ready to give way to a brand new arrival of fluid and light pants, much more comfortable in hot weather. For the summer sales 2022, Zara intends to sell the stocks of pants that are predestined to overshadow the traditional jeans.

Zara sales: what cut of pants to choose to not be hot?

Among the infinity of models offered in stores and on the e-shop of Zara, making a simple and effective choice can be complicated for some. To remedy this difficult choice, let’s review our fashion lessons to find out which trouser cuts and materials choose not to be hot.

On the list of anti-heat imperatives stand the wide and flared pants which let the air through and cool the legs. Flare, bootcut, palazzo… These aerial cuts impose their style. We also like the crochet type knit pants but also the embroidered and openwork pants with thousands of holes. As well as linen models that temper body heat while avoiding perspiration. The ones we avoid at all costs during the summer sales? Trousers in genuine or synthetic leather, lurex, wool or velvet.

Zara pants: what colors to favor during the heat wave?

On the same list are the pastel colored pants, white, and other light colors that do not attract heat, but attract attention. We approve of the military-style beige, powder pink, lavender, retro orange, mimosa yellow, water green pants. Monochrome, the pants to shop at Zara to withstand the rise in temperature, they can also be adorned with prints of all kinds: animal, flowery, psychedelic, polka dots, ethnic… Provided that they respect the other selection criteria. And here are the top 10 Zar pantshas to get during the sales to survive the scorching degrees in style.

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