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10 hairstyles to adopt to enhance your round face!

Find the hairstyle that highlights the shape the most and the features of his face is not the easiest task. However, a hairstyle chosen according to its morphology can totally transform a face.

To highlight a round face, we learn to play with the proportions in order to rebalance it. We will then focus on cuts that refine and redefine the outlines more blurred than those of a square face for example. In terms of inspiration, we can take an example from Emma Stone, Selena Gomez or Miranda Kerr. How do you know if you have a round face and which cut will look best on you? Here are some tips to guide you.

How do you know the shape of your face?

In order not to make a mistake before choosing a haircut, the first step is of course to define the shape of your face. Here in this case we will be interested in round faces. How do you define a round face? In general, a “round” face is considered when the width at the level of the cheekbones is more or less equal to the length of the face. Then simply bring a tape measure or a ruler to realize it. Even if your face is slightly wider at the level of the cheekbones, you probably have a round face.

Round face: these cuts that make us feel better

To refine the curves and restore beautiful proportions, we will focus on long or mid-length cuts with a slight gradient to bring movement and volume to the hair. This is especially great if you have thin hair. To soften a round shape, we can also create angles with a frank gradient on the front locks or even create a fringe. We will opt for a rather long and tapered fringe rather than too short and clean. Soft and slightly fuzzy bangs will accompany the softness of the features instead of over-slicing. Also, an asymmetrical parting will gently break the curve of the face. If you have a preference for short cuts, a pixie will lengthen the face.

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