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10 manicures to be stylish to the tips of your nails

What’s better than Valentine’s Day to try slightly romantic manicures or go all out. Whether you celebrate this holiday or not, it’s the perfect opportunity to take care of yourself and be pampered from head to toe… Or in the hands in our case. We draw our most beautiful nail polish at home or we go to see our favorite manicure to adopt original nails.

So if for Valentine’s Day the trend is generally red and pink, this is not the only option available to you.

Valentine’s Day: what are the nail trends for 2022?

This year, what stands out the most on the networks are all the variations of red and pink that exist. No way to fall into too simple with a single color. Patterns that breathe a little love into your hands, graphic details or juxtaposition of colors, there is something for everyone. Something to find happiness even if the very girly theme does not match her personality.

The most daring will even try fluorescent colors. For something more discreet, sprinkle a few details like well-drawn hearts on one or two nails. You do not know what to pick ? We have selected some very stylish manicures for Valentine’s Day.

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