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10 tied up hairstyles to survive the summer

That’s it, the heat is back! You have already made the change in your dressing room by swapping your winter clothes for your summer outfits. But have you thought about the hairstyles you could wear to survive a heat wave? Because if the rest of the year, wearing your hair loose is not embarrassing; when the temperatures rise… it becomes much less bearable. So here are some ideas. 10 stylish tied up hairstyles to wear to the office, a wedding, to the beach or for an outing with friends.

The high half-tail. If with your long hair you can’t stand the heat, but you don’t like to tie your hair up, this hairstyle is made for you!

The braided bun. Always impressive, the braided bun is a safe bet. Easy and quick to do, just make a ponytail first. We braid the lengths, wrap the braid on itself and that’s the job!

The braided ponytail. A pretty all-purpose hairstyle to adopt on long hair or mid-length for a dinner with friends, a day at work or an afternoon at the pool.

Original hairstyles for this summer 2022

The unstructured bun. The bun is now worn unstructured. It is in any case one of the hairstyles most fashionable from the moment. We flatten all of her hair well using a natural bristle brush and gel, then we make a bun, leaving a few tips of hair sticking out.

Vanillas. More original and less seen than braids, you can opt for vanilla. In addition to being very pretty, these twists are ideal for protect frizzy hair.

The bubble braid. The bubble braid is a hairstyle elegant and easy to do. Just tie her hair in a ponytail, add a thin elastic every 15-20 centimeters and pull the sections to form small balls.

Summer hairstyles with accessories

The barrettes. They will still be so trendy this summer 2022, so why deprive yourself of them? Very practical for clearing the face in a subtle way, they also make it possible to bring a small touch additional to our look.

The darling. Flagship trend of the 80s/90s, the darling is back and will save us. In the morning, we leave home with our hair down, a scrunchie on our wrists. In the afternoon, when the temperatures become less bearable, we tie our hair with it. Practice and very stylish!

The big claw. Until now reserved for the shower, the large pliers are worn in the street. It offers a multitude of hairstyle choices. The girls twist their hair before tying it with their clip. A helping hand for a fashionable hairstyle Instagram clean girl.

The ponytail tied with a scarf. It’s the forgotten winter accessory. Summer is the perfect season to bring out our most beautiful silk scarves. To tie around a bun, a braid, a ponytail, or to wear directly as a bandana on the hair!

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