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11 clothes to dare to wear past 40

The denim overalls, the so-called “cut out” dress, the cargo pants, the babies with heels, the fringed miniskirt… What if we stopped setting ourselves stylistic barriers, to succumb to the summer 2022 fashion trends ? All without making exceptions. A fashion effect inspired by journalists, stylists, and personalities from all walks of life. Starting with the best known of all.

Radiant forties Christine Centenera, fashion publishing director vogue Australiato Giovanna Battaglia the beautiful Italian world creative director of the Swarovski group, passing by the radiant fifties Grece Ghanem… Many are the fashionistas who apply for the post of stylist, and who prove that style has no age.

What summer 2022 fashion trends to adopt after 40?

After 40 years, let’s rethink our wardrobe with clothes that will bring extra style to our outfits. For example, rather than betting on a traditional blazer, let’s set our sights on a model that stands out. Pastel or bright in color, with shoulder pads or oversized… By simply modifying its aesthetics, the same fashion piece can take on an unsuspected overdose of style.

Same refrain for the jeans. Instead of ancestral cuts, we therefore prefer cargo pants, which are adorned with legendary multi-pockets and which are for women of all ages. As for the dresses, let’s avoid those that are boring, and favor the dresses which reveal the skin and in particular the legs, or which are adorned with sensual details as desired. The key words? Audacity and creativity.

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