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11 specific dresses to be trendy in spring-summer

Unconditional basic of any self-respecting wardrobe, the dresses top the list of clothes to buy before the arrival of summer. So to pack your suitcase before time heading for the holidays, you might as well go back to the dresses who promise to electrify the new season. Because for spring, what clothes are more essential than dresses to bring sensuality to a spring wardrobe? So revise the alphabet of dresses to find the one that suits you best after 40 and even well before.

What cuts of dresses to favor after 40 years?

The course of action after 40 years? Don’t deny yourself anything. All in all, if your wish is to energize your look and shine with your style, only a handful of dresses will achieve this. Among them are hiding the wrap dress, recognizable by a V neckline, a slit on the new legs to highlight them, but also a fabric belt to cinch in the waist. An ideal cut that stands out as one of the most flattering.

Side by side we find the empire dress, which is distinguished by a romantic neckline, but also and above all by an extremely high waist which stops just below the breasts and whose cut flares out afterwards. A particular shape that allows the empire dress to stand out and enhance the look of all women, regardless of their morphology. In our selection is also the dress with a halter top, whose name alone justifies its characteristics. What do we like about this cup? The extreme enhancement and refinement it brings to the back of the women who wear it.

Spring 2022 dress: what are the star colors and patterns for summer 2022?

While the predictions suggested that the color trend would turn to sunny yellow for spring, it is hardly the case. And for good reason, on the same continuity as winter 2022, these are none other than the green -emerald and neon- and the pink -fuschia and pastel- which respond to the call of trends. The ultimate shocking argument? Pink is an integral part of the colors to adopt when you want to look all the more young and trendy.

As for the star patterns of spring, our fashion journalist is formal. This season, we have to rely on floral, leopard and zebra prints to stand out. The good news ? All these ingredients are in reserve, on the shelves of the most bankable stores of our generation.

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