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11 trendy models for all ages and morphologies

There are clothes whose popularity rating continues to rise over time. Between the floral dress, this traditional of the summer wardrobe, the immaculate sneakers, or the undisputed Jeansis another that is included in the same list: the Jean jacket.

Our Fashion Journalist with a Jean jacket Mango quilt.

The denim jacket: from utilitarian piece to legendary fashion piece

With fashion DNA identifiable among a thousand, the denim jacket yet has a background fascinating. Invented just after the first jeans in 1873 by the American brand Levi Strauss & Co. the Triple Pleat Blouse Jacket caused a sensation when it was introduced in 1880. Made of sturdy denim in its early days, with pockets, rivets and legendary stitching, the Jean jacket was at the time, intended for workers and cowboys, until it became the prerogative of Hollywood stars and the entire fashion sphere in the 1960s. Since diverted from its primary function, the Jean jackettraditionally designed in 100% cotton denim, continues to climb the ladder to climb the catwalks of Fashion Week.

Where to find a trendy denim jacket?

Jacquemus, Isabel Marant, Balenciaga… More than ever, luxury houses legitimize the wearing of the denim jacketn, thus pushing all generations of fashionistas to put on their best jacket.

Recycled from the wardrobe of our loved ones, remastered, purchased from a boutique of second hand or in store… There are many stylistic alternatives allowing you to adopt this timeless piece of any self-respecting fashion wardrobe. The good news ? Whatever our budget, the denim jacket is accessible to the general public. An advantage that contributes in particular to the longevity of this emblematic piece.

Those wishing to acquire a luxury denim jacket will find their happiness in own shops, at resellers, or in thrift stores and on second-hand fashion sites such as Vestiaire Collective and Vinted, on which designer denim jackets are offered at ultra-competitive prices .

How to wear the denim jacket in 2022?

There are many ways to tame this fashion essential, but few are those that really correspond to the stylistic theme of 2022. In other words, to be trendy with a denim jacketit is better to mix it with different but complementary clothes.

So, let’s focus on ultra-fashionable denim jackets. Soberly styled in denim blue, black or white, but also colored in neon green, pastel or faded pink, the models chosen must stand out from the crowd to comply with summer trend regulations. In terms of cuts, we recommend jackets with shoulder pads that are suitable for all builds, those that are fitted at the waist, but also short or long denim jackets. With all these keys in hand, and this non-exhaustive list concocted by our style expert, it is impossible not to find a jacket according to your desires.

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