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14 vitaminized models to lengthen your silhouette

Ideal for revitalize any spring wardrobe, combinations are the perfect alternative for fashionistas who wish to appear taller and all the more elegant. Additional arguments that add to the list of positive points gathered by the combinations, to be designated as suitable candidates when one is invited to a wedding or any other ceremony. All in all, if it seems complicated to make a choice among the infinity of models on offer, let’s take stock with our Fashion Journalist who paints a portrait of the combinations to remember for spring, no matter how old you are.

Chic jumpsuits for a wedding, baptism, birthday in spring-summer 2022

What do we retain essentially? That the combinations suit all body types and all stylistic desires. On the other hand, of all the possible variations, we only validate the models which assure us of being tendency for the spring. To understand the cut-out combinations which result in subtle cutouts allowing them to offer an additional touch of sensuality to whoever wears them. We also select the combinations bare back that enhances the fall of the kidneys as we dreamed of, and this, without any vulgarity provided that the cut is long and ample at the level of the legs. In the same vein, the editors largely approve of the halter neck jumpsuits, whose straps meet behind the neck and which give way to summer. As far as colors are concerned, let’s bet above all on vibrant chromatic palettes like midnight blue, pop pink, bright yellow or even passion red which will bring light to our seasonal wardrobe.

How to wear a jumpsuit to have style in 2022?

If you are invited to a wedding, the best option is to bet on a combination highly elegant, which will clash with the white only reserved for the bride. Thus, we set our sights on a jumpsuit colorful and distinguished by an ultra-fashionable je-ne-sais-quoi. Ruffles, embroidery, lace, wide straps, a straight collar, gathers… All the details will make the difference.

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