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15 trendy clothes to favor when you sweat easily

Obviously, it will be impossible to overcome the wave of heat which will cover France for several days, not even the one which will replace it to introduce summer. The moment is therefore propitious to anticipate one of the greatest fears of society, sweating.

Sweating, a problem that can be solved

Under the armpits or in the folds of the skin, drops of sweat can trickle down and make life hard for those who suffer from sweat partial or excessive. Fortunately, multiple alternatives can remove unsightly stains and camouflage bad odors like deodorants, alum stone and any other solutions that may be appropriate. All in all, there is however an unstoppable trick which we would not have thought of as a priority: the fashion.

What fashion trends should you favor to avoid sweating?

If the fashion does not work miracles like remedies can antiperspirantsit nevertheless allows considerably reduce excessive sweating. How ? Through certain cuts, colors and materials particularly skilful for this.

Among all those recommended by our Fashion Journalist, the crochet clothes. This ancestral sewing technique gives freedom of movement to the air on the skin, and does not compress the body but lets it breathe without it having too much warm. A boon since crochet pants rise to the top of trends summer fashion. In the same line, embroidered clothes have these same faculties. This is particularly the case of the openwork embroidered dresswhich maintains its position in the seasonal dress guide.

Likewise, the trend cut out is ideal for women who want to get rid of their sweat worries, since this sartorial hype is dedicated to cut-out clothes, such as dresses and slit skirts. On the sidelines, the neckline Butt Cleavage » also redraws the cut of dresses and tops, distinguishing them by an open bare back, tailor-made to survive the scorching temperatures with chic.

Our style expert approves of the cuts of flared jeans broadly speaking, flares, widelegs, culottes and bootcuts, which refresh denim-clad legs. But let’s not forget the materials, and in particular the most fluids, aerial and light that is.

Heat: what colors and antiperspirant materials to wear when it’s hot?

In power antiperspirant, some materials absorb moisture more than others. This is particularly the case of linen, this resolutely ecological vegetable fiber, whose hydrophilic pectins link the fibers together, ensure that they absorb up to 20% of their weight in water, without deforming or weighing down the textile. In addition, the thermoregulatory aspect of its pectins allows the linen garment toinsulate from heat in summerand keep the cool.

Just like linen, Tencel® otherwise called Lyocellis a fiber derived from wood pulp and more precisely from beech or bamboo, which absorbs almost 13% of humidity, and which limits perspiration odours.

It follows the cotton -preferably organic-, this renowned plant material, which promotes body cooling, and keeps perspiration. On the other hand, this fabric retains humidity and leaves a feeling of wet fabric, which is not very pleasant when you sweat profusely, but acceptable if you are sweating lightly.

As for the colorsour choice must pass through light shades, such as white, which reflects light and does not accumulate heatunlike black, which absorbs the sun’s rays which become a source of heat.

What shopper clothes to spend a cool summer?

Once these stylistic points are considered, let’s move on to the styling exercise. The good news ? Although we generally associate the antiperspirant clothing at the antipode of sexy, many trends ultimately prove the opposite. But you still have to know where to turn to be well dressed while avoiding sweating. Demonstrations in the selection of our expert.

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