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2000s butterfly trend takes off before summer

If you’re used to scrolling through your Instagram news feed, it’s a safe bet that without knowing it, you’ve missed the fashion trend of summer 2022. And for good reason, between the blue emojis bearing his likeness that are flooding social networks, and the increasing number of celebrity posts on the various platforms… All these signals do not deceive anyone. Whether we like it or not, the summer season will be punctuated by butterfly clothing and accessories.

The butterfly trend, nostalgia for the 2000s

For pure style or because of a certain nostalgia for Y2K fashion, whatever, the butterfly trend is in full stylistic emancipation. An operational return that owes nothing to chance. True clothing darling of Cher at the Grammys in 1974, then of Mariah Carey who wore an Emanuel Ungaro Spring/Summer 2000 top the same year and self-christened her 1997 album Butterflythe butterfly was, without anyone knowing it, the very symbol of femininity, in a music industry that was far too masculinized. In 2022, the trend has not left the front of the stage, going so far as to land on the singer Dua Lipa, a great follower of this moth that we love so much. All in all, it was under the leadership of fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli in 1930 that the butterfly has forged links with the modosphere, going so far as to inspire the current style.

The butterfly maniafrom Fashion Week catwalks to street style

Spearheading this crowd movement around the butterfly mania, designers and fashion designers wanted to pay homage to the butterfly, by presenting it from every angle. From second-skin tops, to denim or sequin tops that imitate its winged formprints and belts, but also fishnet necklaces and barrettes and rings… The butterfly is on all fronts.

A trend particularly praised by Alberta Ferretti through its spring-summer 2022 collection. On the program? Punched and butterfly-cut luxury garments, just like Blumarine, the brand founded in 1977 with creative director Nicola Brognano. The promise ? Silhouettes imbued with the nostalgia of the 2000s which are combined by prints butterfly, butterfly belts and those same representative bustiers. Feminine connotations that seduce more than ever the new generations of fashionistas, and the fervent admirers of vintage trends who are imbued with them. A fashion effect such that it recently took off in the direction of Coachella, the music festival that invites celebrities and fashionistas to pull out their most beautiful outfits.

Same refrain for the field of beauty, since this spring we are witnessing the emancipation of butterfly lashes in other words, butterfly eyelashes and butterfly liner as Hailey Bieber’s colorful makeup inspires. A make-up that echoes the carnival make-up of our childhood, during which painting your face was child’s play.

How to appropriate the butterfly fashion trend?

For the charm to work, it is essential to assume this fashion trend. The most resistant will be able to wear butterflies sparingly, betting on discreet and minimalist accessories, like a belt, a patterned or butterfly-shaped bag, or jewelry of all kinds.

For those who don’t have cold feet (or stomach), our Fashion Journalist approves wearing butterfly tops, but on two conditions. In the office ? A printed t-shirt hidden in jeans and paired with cowboy boots. On holiday ? A butterfly denim bustier, combined with a skirt or high-waisted pants. As for shopping, the trend butterfly is ideal for the most eco-responsible among us. Vinted, Vestiaire Collective, Depop or any other thrift stores allow you to acquire one of these nuggets.

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