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4 effective foods to favor

Contrary to popular belief, acne is not a skin disease that only teenagers encounter during puberty. Adults can also be affected. According to figures from theHealth InsuranceI’adult acne would be more and more frequent and would concern 25% of women. The organization specifies that this skin condition can appear either as a result of adolescent acne that has not healed, “either it appears in adulthood and can be associated with manifestations linked to excess male hormones (abundant hairiness, menstrual disorders, etc.).”

Whatever the reason, it’s completely normal to have acne, even when you’re an adult. To reduce inflammation, you can go to a dermatologist who can give you a good treatment according to the reactions of your skin. Also remember to adapt your skincare routine by integrating care products that respond to your skin problem. Finally, another factor to consider: food. Some foods may actually accentuate existing acne, while others may help fight pimples. Here are the 4 foods to favor when you have adult acne.

Changing habits to beat adult acne

First, it is advisable to avoid dairy products. Some studies regarding the role of milk consumption “are in favor of an association with the occurrence of acne”, specified the French Society of Dermatology as reported Health Magazine. So, swap animal milk (cow, goat, sheep) for a vegetable milk. Depending on your tastes, you will find your preference among soy, coconut, oat, almond milk…

the green tea is also known to be rich in antioxidants and thus fight against free radicals, which are bad for the skin. So, rather than throwing yourself on the coffee machine in the early morning, prepare yourself a green tea instead. Of course, you don’t have to choose the most basic of teas. Choose it according to what you like. There are lots of different flavors: mint green tea, lemon green tea…

Foods with a low glycemic index

When one is affected by acne, it is also recommended by experts to favor foods with a low glycemic index. And good news, this is particularly the case for Red fruits. Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries… they are all great for fighting acne. So why deprive yourself of it?

Finally, the last type of food to favor, and not the least : whole grains. Make a cross on refined cereals, which are unfortunately found in all kinds of recipes. Avoid white rice, white bread, white flour. Instead, consider buying brown rice, quinoa, wholemeal bread or buckwheat pancakes!

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