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4 most searched fashion trends in 2022

Obviously, there is. That you closely follow from afar online fashion platformsit is impossible that you have not heard at least once of Communal changing room. And for good reason, to sell as well as to buy second-hand luxury clothes and accessories, this French company is a bargain, and we understand why.

Vestiaire Collective, luxury fashion at reduced prices

Based in Paris, Hong Kong and London, then led by Fanny Moizant and Sophie Hersan, Vestiaire Collective has become a true reference in terms of luxury second-hand products, since its launch on the market in 2009. A ready-made alternative for fashionistas who have a limited budget to invest in products labeled by the biggest fashion houses. Dior, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada as leaders, these prestigious brands remain the most sought after by users according to the French company. Their point of synergy? These are designer labels, which collect a multitude of timeless or original pieces that fashionistas exchange among themselves for the best and for style.

Vestiaire Collective: the 4 fashion trends to shop on the second-hand platform

Ideal for saving a lot of money and when you’re a victim of declining purchasing power but want a luxury item, Vestiaire Collective ticks all the boxes. Added to this is an eco-responsible approach, since the products marketed have already been worn, and collected in dressing rooms by the thousand. Now it’s our turn to grab them, and here are the major fashion trends that followers of the platform are snapping up.

Square case watches

The peak of interest for certain watches cartier on Vestiaire Collective, confirms a trend for vintage models. According to the statistics, the square case watches such as models Santos and Tank, remain the most coveted. A craze that reflects a comeback for geometric shapes, specific to jewelry of the 90s.

Satchel bags

Among all, it is none other than the category ” bags which remains the most popular. The flagship models? The hermes bags whose demand has been constant for more than 10 years, and in particular for the Kelly and the unbeatable Birkin, born from the imagination of Jean-Louis Dumas, manager of the luxury house from 1978 to 2006. For the anecdote, c t was after traveling alongside Jane Birkin on a trip from Paris to London in 1984, that the latter had the idea of ​​baptizing this bag as such, while the English actress confided in her that she regretted not finding a suitable shopping bag to her needs as a young mother.

What do these two sought-after bags have in common? They are sketched in the shape of luxury school bags, a trend detected in September 2021 by our Journalist, and then adopted by a handful of trendy women. Saint Laurent, Tory Burch, Celine… Many brands are following in the footsteps of the satchel bag trend.

minimalist necklaces

If a multitude of second-hand luxury jewelry is offered on the platform, it is none other than the Alhambra collection Van Cleef & Arpels, created in 1968 which attracts attention, and more particularly, its eponymous necklace. Adorned by a four-leaf clover with a beaded outline, the Alhambra pendant is the one consumers are choosing to adorn their necks this summer.

rare vintage clothes

If vintage clothes from the collections of fashion houses are a definite craze among fashionistas, this can be explained by several points. Because who says luxury and vintage, inevitably says rare. Therefore, it’s little wonder that sold-out fashion pieces, which are no longer available in stores or reissued, maintain a certain rarity. According to experts Vestiaire Collective, Dior, YSL and Alexander McQueen are an excellent investment.

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Trends detected by our Fashion Journalist, based on data provided by Vestiaire Collective.



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