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5 dresses to sculpt your body past 50

It is in eternal subscribers to the notebook of fashion trends, that this time we set our sights on the object of desire par excellence: the dresses. And not just any, since our mode radar flashes only on those who have the capacity to enhance the curves of fashionistas of all generations confused, and in particular those who have 50 years and more.

What are the trendy dresses to put on to shine at 50?

A mesh dress

Quintessence of the winter locker room, the dress pull is the ally found for Fifty years old and mature women, who want to assert their style while finding an item of clothing that acts as a barrier to the cold. The trick? Relieve your fashionable wardrobe of thick knit dresses that will increase your figure, in favor of sweater dresses form-fitting, which does not compress the body but lets it breathe.

Dress sportswear

What could be better than a sweat-dress as a pick from a sporty locker room to boost its past style 50 years ? Whether it is a long dress cotton or an oversized hoodie worn as a dressing gown, this fashion trend 2022 is the essential element to make rhyme comfort and style in all circumstances.

A tweed dress

Popularized by Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel in the 1920s, and initiated in Scotland in the 17th century, tweed is one of those ancestral fabrics which makes a conquering return to the world. fashion sphere. From the tweed blazer, to the cap… We mainly retain the tweed dress which breathes the swing of the roaring twenties, and which shows itself at the height of cool in 2022.

A little black dress

Long classified in the category of evening dresses alone, the little black dress is once and for all in the city fashion wardrobe. Its advantages ? Its color, known to refine all silhouettes effortlessly, while enhancing them and filling them with elegance.

A sequined dress

Because it causes a sensation with each of its appearances, the sequined dress turns heads without making us look like a mirror ball. What do we validate? Its aesthetic pretext for the party, which makes shine all the women of more or less than 50 years.

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