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5 fashion trends that many women will bet on

Seasonal recurrence, to make it big during the Valentine’s Day, romanticism is de rigueur, and this, at all levels, in its pure state, or stung with a touch of madness. Because although there is no need for a particular occasion to declare your flame or to prove all your love to the loved one, the February 14th remains, after all, a date where you should not get confused.

Whether we are in coupleor single with the desire to want to celebrate this party alone or with friends (and why not), the Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to set the bar (very) high, both in terms of the choice of restaurant and the outfit alluring with which will begin a part of legs in the air, or that of a game of chess. It’s up to us to choose.

Fashion trends 2022: the most searched clothes on the Internet for Valentine’s Day

The spearhead of its previous analysis reports, the search engine Stylight took a close interest in parts most wanted on its platform and on Internet, as Valentine’s Day approaches. So obviously, the lingerie responds present, it is not the only one to become the prerogative of seasoned fashionistas, in search of finding the perfect clothing range to honor the d-day. Demonstrations.

Corsets (+ 381% of clicks from January to February 2022*)

Because they flirt with the Regency style and refer to The Bridgerton Chroniclethe corsets become legendary again. Revised and corrected to no longer compress the body, but simply mold it in order to sublimate it even more, corsets have the advantage of being able to be worn both at home and in town, provided they are associated with clothing. elegant. The models that stand out? The iconic Nensi Dojaka corset, and the Vivienne Westwood creations, which are particularly successful with Gen Z as the report Stylight (+62% searches for the brand).

Lace bodysuits (+171% in the first week of February compared to the last week of January this year)

If they compete with lingerie sets, lace bodysuits have an advantage of their own. That of also being worn in town, replacing our tops to add a side hot to our outfit.

Lingerie (+161% on Stylight during the first week of February)

Quasi-compulsory passage for the Valentine’s Day, lingerie from every angle, is uninhibited and enters the scene. Our Fashion Journalist unhesitatingly approves of the Livy, Etam and Intimissimi adornments, which have mastered the art and the way of enhancing all silhouettes.

Sheer black tights (+155% in the first week of February compared to the last week of January 2022)

Worn with an evening dress, under paper bag shorts that wrap around the waist, and removed when taking action, black tights are the very essence of the special Valentine’s Day wardrobe.

Pearl necklaces (+60% from January to February 2022*)

Because they advocate the return of the “Pearlcore” trend, pearl necklaces are experiencing a considerable boom just a few days before Valentine’s Day. The good news ? Jewelers and jewelers decline this jewel at all prices, in order to delight all desires.

*The Stylight report is based on the shopping behavior of its 160 million annual shoppers for the period of January 25-31, 2022 compared to the period of February 1-7, 2022.

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