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5 sneaker trends to adopt before everyone else

Long placed in the category of clothing prohibitions, sneakers have been able to turn away from their primary function by no longer being worn only to go to the sports Hall, but by gaining credibility in the city. A reversal of the situation that took place in the 1950s, a time during which celebrities like Marilyn Monroe freed themselves from dress codes, and chose the sneakers to pair them with their jeans as a style rebellion. In 2022, the situation has changed somewhat since the sneakers are now an integral part of the shoes to have in your shoesing for be in fashion. Proof of this is the increasing number of collaborations between luxury brands and sports equipment manufacturers, in order to give new impetus to sneakers as we knew them.

Lately, and before having reissued his legendary Forum sneakers with Prada, Adidas created a surprise by teaming up with the Italian house Gucci in order to rethink the aesthetics of its famous Gazelle sneakers. Balenciaga and its Triple S sneaker, stormed every time it goes out in store, Dior and the Dior Vibe, Louis Vuitton and its mythical Archlight… Proof that basketball embodies the new chic. Aware of the potential of this fad, Lidl has also followed suit sportswear inspired by the patterns of the French trunk maker, to upholster his new basketball.

What are the sneaker trends for spring 2022?

If you were wondering what are the sneakers of all the successes, here are the answers. Accustomed to analyzing the behavior of its 160 million annual buyers on its international platforms, the search engine Stylight has this time paid close attention to the most searched sneakers on the internet to bring out the big spring 2022 trends. With retro, Bratz, eco-responsible or running inspirations… Next season’s star sneakers offer a return to basics, but not only.

New Balance sneakers

With a striking retro look, the New Balance 327 is definitely the pair of shoes to own. And for good reason, adopted by Kendall Jenner, Katie Holmes and all of their style colleagues, these wedge sneakers, recognizable by their angular heel, are ubiquitous. With airs of rubber 2.0, the New Balance 327 are an integral part of the pairs that allow the brand to see its Internet searches progress by +94% on Stylight in February 2022 compared to the same period last year. The secret to success? A vintage silhouette, inspired by the 1970s-1990s.

Platform sneakers

Elected as the trainers that slim the figure the most, trainers with XXL soles bring those who wear them into another dimension. A fashion phenomenon for these shoes inspired by Bratz dolls, whose compensated appearance seduces, and pushes consumers to type the keywords “platform sneakers” on Google. The growth for these queries has increased by +72% compared to February 2021.

pastel colored sneakers

At a time when blue and yellow are emerging as real signs of support for Ukrainians, and pink is replacing green, pastel shades are finally those that appeal the most to fashionistas. As proof, the pastel colored sneakers are among the most searched pairs on the internet, as evidenced by the +23% increase in clicks on Stylight. This is hardly surprising since pastel shades are part of the spring color palette every year.

Sustainable sneakers

Held for reference, the Veja sneaker brand is undoubtedly the most sought after by fashionistas looking for a pair of eco-responsible sneakers. The +31% increase in clicks for the brand on Stylight is also the witness. On the sidelines? The SAYE brand, Caval, Igwe, OTA, Ubac, Saola, Ecoalf, Belledonne Paris and many others.

Performance sneakers

In town and on sports grounds, high-performance sports shoes or performance sneakers are becoming more and more successful, as evidenced by the rise of +33% search interest on Google relating to them. Comfortable and with an almost futuristic design, these sneakers make a new performance: that of being worn with elegant clothes to represent the new chic.

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