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5 trendy pants to have a crazy silhouette according to this fifty-something

Allies all found to complete any fashion locker room, jeans and pants of all kinds have that je ne sais quoi of useful and desirable that makes them fashion pieces as universal as they are timeless. And while some radiant fifties think wrongly that fashion trends are mainly reserved for young people women, the truth is quite different since let us remember that the fashion and the style have no age. From this it is difficult to deny the possibility that the pants most bankable winter 2021-2022 are aimed at all fashionistas at heart, especially those who have 50 years ago.

And you had to rely on the legendary content creator Greece Ghanem, to claim the wearing of these pants, each more trendy than the other. Because if this fiftieth of Lebanese and Canadian origin by adoption never misses an opportunity to underline her pronounced taste for fashion, she appropriates before others clothes and accessories that highlight her figure and her grey hair. And it seems that given the pictures posted on his account Instagram -and presented to its 714k subscribers- that the trousers in every way is one of its sure values.

What trendy pants to wear in 2022 to create a sensation in the past 50 years?

Straight jeans

Straight out of the closet of the 1990s, the jeans is now an integral part of the fashion trends for 2022. Because if a straight cut is recognizable among a thousand, it allows just as much rejuvenate an outfit thanks to the nonchalant quickdraw it provides. What do we like? Wear the Jeans straight with heels, at the forefront of femininity to contrast with its allure pitted with masculinity.

Leather pants

Much more than just a garment, the leather trousers -Where leather trousers– is the sensual asset that ticks all the boxes to be worn once 50 years past. The idea? Temper its sexy appearance as desired by associating it with clothes woven in comforting materials such as wool, cotton or even fake fur.

Velvet pants

And more precisely in corduroy please. Because no offense to some, corduroy pants are making a triumphant return to the 2022 fashion scene. Adorn yourself with vibrant colors and especially pink, known to rejuvenate any outfit.

Pleated pants

Pleated pants yes, but not only. Because to boost your mode quotient when you have more or less 50 years, the idea is to wear it high waist, not with a coordinated tailored-style jacket, but with sneakers, and a simple, casual top.

Logo pants

A stylistic revival of the 1970s, the logo pants provide that extra touch of style that our pants sometimes lack. A comeback for this star garment that we owe in part to the big names in luxury fashion, who have reissued it to be worn by all women. Gucci, Versace, Marine Serre and its moon motif … Logo pants are the fashion card to play no matter what age you are.

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