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6 summer 2022 women’s trends to buy to save in style

If we went around the table, it would be a safe bet that almost all of the people gathered would have sold or bought at least once on Vinted, if not both. And for good reason, having become a real reference in terms of second-hand fashion, this company founded by a couple from Lithuania, flooded the market when it went online in 2008. And we understand why.

Vinted: the 6 fashion trends to shop on the second-hand platform

Responding to the decline in purchasing power, and allowing to make sacred savings in terms of shopping, while respecting an ecological conscience, Vinted is a godsend for style enthusiasts who wish to be tendency, without investing too much. So if you have an account Vinted, you know how quickly this online fashion platform can become addictive. So, to save time and money, let’s go back to the six fashion trends reported by Vinted.


Reinterpreted by Maria Grazia Chiuri, artistic director of Dior feminine lines, the fashion trend 1960s is back in fashion. Present in the spring-summer 2022 collection of the iconic luxury house at 30 avenue Montaigne, the inspirations sixties have gone so far as to inspire the whole world, and in particular online fashion buyers, particularly second-hand. On Vinted ? References include vinyl boots, Courrèges-inspired trapeze dresses, psychedelic prints, floral and polka dot patterns, but also ballet flats, slingbacks and the legendary suit skirts of this generation.


No offense to some, the platform shoes equipped with a legendary thick sole, visibly convince all the fashionistas present on the application. Enhanced by a wedge heel, the famous flatform shoes will allow the assumed Vinted to gain height while having style, with a limited budget. On Vinted ? We advise you to indicate “platform shoes” directly on the site or to fill in specific shoe models. Converse Run Star Hike, Nodaleto, Vans Old Skool Stacked Sneakers U155Z…

The style of the 2000s “Y2K”

At the turn of summer 2022, a fashion trend is doing well. Style Y2Kreferring to nostalgic fashion, borrowed from the 2000s. Vinted ? Same old story, the enthusiasm for this fashion trend is intact, as confirmed by the statistics noted by the company. Our advice? In the search bar, enter the terms that will allow you to obtain one of these vintage pieces. Low-rise or baggy jeans, a crop top, a second-skin top, overalls or a jumpsuit, glasses with colored lenses, a baguette bag, platform shoes…

The color block

A stylistic revival of the 1960s and 1970s, the color block is a combination of colors that stand out. A combo of pop orange and lilac, neon yellow and electric blue… Being daring is the key to success in achieving a color block look as the summer fashion trend is leading. A comeback that owes nothing to chance since we could foresee the return of pop colors during Fashion Week spring-summer 2022. Christian Dior, Andre Gn, Chocheng and many other luxury houses reinterpreted this retro style, seeing as desired. On Vintedjust type in the search bar the keyword relating to a specific color in order to find the garment or the accessory that suits you.

neon colors

After the pastel mania, the time has come for flashy neon colors to dazzle the fashion sphere. Sought after in large numbers on Vinted, neon or highly pigmented fashion pieces keep landing in the shopping baskets of confirmed Vinties. On Vinted ? Just type in the keywords you want, such as magenta, fuschia, neon yellow, electric blue, or even neon green, and many others.

The hook

Because it has embodied the new chic for two consecutive seasons, crochet has caught the modopsphere in its nets, going so far as to once again become a fashionable trend. With bohemian charm, and an unparalleled summer look, crochet is an integral part of the most sought-after fashion trends on the second-hand fashion platform. On Vinted ? More than 400,000 ads for low-cost crochet pieces are already available.

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