Sunday, April 3, 2022

updated on Sunday, April 3, 2022

If reason often prevails over our decision-making, it would be a shame to deprive ourselves of wearing the clothes that we really like, thinking that they are not intended for women of our age. At 45, let’s follow our desires and assume our style by adopting the best spring fashion trends.

Because fashion pieces are increasingly turning away from their primary functions, the selection criteria shopping change and things evolve, it is clear that fashion is more than ever for everyone. And fortunately.

Considered at their beginnings as clothing attributes of women, or men, the clothes of the modern era now tend to fall more and more into the category of unisex clothing, which is a lot of good. What pretext could justify the fact that fashion pieces should only be limited to slices ofage particular? Any. Starting from there, let’s cross the barriers that we generally set for ourselves after 40 years, to explore new stylistic horizons.

At 45: what spring-summer 2022 fashion trends to dress with?

To say that all possible and unimaginable clothes could fit us no matter how old we are would be lying. And for good reason, just like the morphology, age is still a criterion to be taken into consideration. And this, although no limit is fixed, but also that all blows are allowed in terms of style. Because it is true that depending on its cut, its material or its color, a garment may or may not contribute to enhance a silhouette. Thus, and without deprivation, let us no longer be afraid to wear the clothes that we like. And here is to which fashion trends turn once 45 years old past, and even before or after.

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