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6 trendy clothes to dare to wear (and where to buy them)

Often and unfortunately placed in very specific categories responding to the age criteria, style and morphology, almost all clothes can actually be worn, no matter how old you are. All in all, it is clear that some generations of fashionistas set themselves too many barriers and give up dressing in clothes that they really like because of the number of the figure on their identity card. However, the deprivation is not always the best solution, even when it comes to fashion. Because while it’s true that journalists and specialist stylists recommend avoiding wearing a few pieces past different age groups, these experts advise just as much to consider others. that we forbid a bit too often. So, let’s get rid of dictates of society and let’s no longer be afraid to assume neither our style nor our femininity.

At 50: what are the spring-summer 2022 fashion trends to wear?

The star of our article, content creator Grece Ghanem is an endless source of style inspiration. A radiant 50-year-old from Lebanon, now living in Canada, Grece embraces how radiant her style and age are, and that’s what’s fascinating. The creed that is copied from him? Dare to wear the tspring fashion trends that we refuse far too often. From the tight pencil skirt to a bare back, or a suit-shorts but not only, let’s focus on the clothes that will affirm our style before, during, and after 50 years.

A bare back

Resolutely sensual, the bare back is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe, no matter how old you are. The only nuance is to bet in priority on bare back clothes that take up the codes of elegance so as not to risk falling into vulgarity. In our view? A tailoring-style jumpsuit to be acquired as a priority, followed by a dolce vita-style bare back dress.

Bershka, green backless jumpsuit, €29.99.

A dress cut out or “cut out”

We can never repeat it enough but the cut out dress is, and remains, a fashion trend to succumb to. If some models may seem prohibitive as their cutouts are ostentatious, there are some that are quite the contrary to consider. An example in mind? A long flowing dress, slightly slit at the waist to mark it, while making an impression.

Zara, cut out dress with balloon sleeves, €49.95.

Low rise jeans

Far too often assimilated to new generations of fashionistas and the Y2K trend which advocates the return of the style of the 2000s, low-waisted jeans are actually aimed at women of all ages. And although its low waist may frighten the most refractory, it is actually a considerable morphological asset allowing you to give the impression of being all the more tall by lengthening the bust. The trick is to bet mainly on a loose baggy, mom, straight, flare, bootcut or boyfriend cut type. Above all, avoid skinny jeans.

Mango, straight jeans, €39.99.

A tight pencil skirt

Of all the skirts, the pencil skirt is and will remain the most rewarding cut, and all the more so by being tight-fitting. Its high waist and its perfect fall at the level of the calves make the pencil skirt a perfect ally when you are fifty years old.

Gina Tricot on Zalando.fr, orange pencil skirt, €24.99.

A short suit

Drafted each spring-summer in the seasonal wardrobe, the short suit is an integral part of the fashion essentials of the moment. What do we like? Its knee-high cut which reveals part of the legs with extreme elegance. All in all, for the charm to work, it is essential that the shorts suit goes hand in hand with a coordinated jacket.

The Kooples on Zalando.fr, sky blue tailored shorts, €82.50 instead of 165 euros.

A sleeveless vest

Long assimilated to the male wardrobe, the men’s waistcoat is now the stylistic attribute of women. And if with the effects of time we generally want to hide our arms, it would be a shame on the contrary, not to sublimate them with a sleeveless jacket. Let’s take off the mask, let’s take off the sleeves.

Zara, sleeveless denim vest, €29.95.

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