Thursday, May 12, 2022

updated on Thursday, May 12, 2022

The accompanying burning pain is a problem that affects many women, but it can be alleviated.

We are more than one to have thighs that touch when we walk. And we support it rather well in winter. But when the holidays roll around, the skirts and dresses are out, and that’s when that chafing becomes more than disturbing. Without forgetting the trips to the beach which can become a real torture with the sea water and the sand combined. In short, we would do anything to prevent our thighs from touching.

Rubbing thighs: aloe vera to relieve burns

If even with all these tricks your thighs keep touching and making you suffer after a day of walking, there is a remedy that will relieve you every time: the aloe vera.

In addition to promoting healing, the pulp of this plant will effectively soothe your pain.

For a guaranteed freshness effect, we advise you to mix aloe vera pulp until it is liquid and place it in the freezer in an ice cube compartment. Once done, your thighs will be able to benefit from the freshness of the ice cube while enjoying the benefits of aloe!

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