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9 vitamin make-ups that celebrate the arrival of sunny days

For several weeks now, the days have been getting longer and longer, the temperatures are tending – slowly but surely – to warm up and the days are much sunnier… What a pleasure!

It’s a fact: spring is making a comeback and bringing with it a whole host of beauty inspirations that we are already yearning to fall for!

The good news is that to celebrate the arrival of this much-loved season, some makeup at the forefront of the trend want to be perfectly adapted. And that’s good!

Spring 2022 trend: colored eyeshadow

This is precisely the case of eye shadows with intense and vitamin colors! And for good reason ; they have the art of illuminating the face by bringing it that touch of sunshine that we have missed so much in recent months!

Metallic pink, bright orange, bright yellow, electric blue, spring green… So many colors that will be on everyone’s eyelids in spring 2022 and will continue in summer! For our greatest pleasure, moreover!

Spread evenly over the eyelid, blend into one smoky elegant, finely stretched way eyeliner close to the eyelashes… There are a thousand and one ways to adopt colored eyeshadow in the spring!

Eye shadow: zoom on blue

Among the pep colors mentioned above, one has already been able to pull out of the game. During the last Fashion Week New Yorker, this shade that we know well has established itself as the trendiest of all!

No need to make the suspense last any longer… It’s blue! It’s a fact, this retro color is making a comeback. And many celebrities are adopting it to confirm the trend.

To succumb to color, several possibilities are available to you! For example, you can fall for the Ultimate shadow palette of NYX Professional and its 16 colors as flamboyant as they are pigmented, which leave no one indifferent!

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