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90s skinny brows are back!

Just take a look at the fashion and beauty trends of the moment to see that the 90s/2000s are back.

During the 90s, the look was a huge hit on models like Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, as well as celebrities like Angelina JolieGwen Stefani and Drew Barrymore, but it was scrapped in the 2010s due to slow (or non-existent) regrowth.


Unlike 2011, when Cara Delevingne was making her mainstream debut, skinny brows at the time were saying goodbye. A total revival of bushy brows has begun, and has remained a norm until recent months.

However, the trend cycle continues to repeat itself and after a good decade it seems that bushy brows are disappearing while thin brows are officially making a comeback.


The skinny brow began its comeback gradually, with high-profile but one-off appearances. Barbie Ferreira, actressEuphoria revealed her love for glamorous brows straight out of the 2000s at the Met Gala last year.

The skinny brows big star of social networks

Meanwhile, new research from e-tailer LookFantastic analyzed social engagement and Google search volumes to establish this year’s top beauty trends, and found that skinny brows were currently in third place (behind pencil brown lips), with a 450% increase in searches. Likewise on TikTok, #thineyebrows has 22.5 million views and #90sbrow has 1.3 million views. Along with warnings from older users about not over-tweezing your brows, the hashtag contains advice on how to temporarily recreate the ’90s look using concealer and photos of Bella Hadid.

The IT-girls of the moment are taking over the trend

Y2K fashion queen, Bella Hadid has long been a big fan of skinny brows, this brow shape hugs her pointed cheekbones and jawline perfectly.

Alexa Demie also demonstrated that skinny brows are a must-have trend on this month’s cover of Pop magazine.

TikTokers are also taking on the trend

Many TikTokers have embraced the trend 100%, like the user @happistarr1, who wrote: ” I live for skinny brows”. “I’m going to start a petition to bring back skinny brows. I think they’re the reason girls looked so good in the 2000s.”she explains.

If you want to know what you would look like with micro eyebrows, TikTok users are using the Time Warp Scan filter to test the look.

And if you don’t feel like changing your look drastically, others have found a way to rock the style without shaving or tweezing your eyebrows but covering them with concealer and then drawing a thinner shape. on top.

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