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a married candidate and mother, it’s a first!

The 2023 edition of the famous national beauty contest promises to be revolutionary! Last May, we already learned that Andréa Furet could potentially become the first transgender candidate to participate in the Miss France election.

The good news is that the rules continue to become more flexible! This situation has benefited another candidate, also about to enter the history of the Miss France contest. As revealed TF1this is Victoire Rousselot, in the running for Miss Alsace.

Miss France 2023: a married candidate and mother

The “particularity” of this candidate who wears the number 6? She is 27 years old, married and the mother of a three-year-old girl. The young woman could not have competed last year, or this year for that matter, without the abolition of certain criteria. This is a historic first!

In the columns of Latest News from AlsaceVictoire Rousselot declares: “ I had my daughter when I was 24. I’m 27 today, I still think I’m young. I can and would like to accomplish many more things “.

Victoire Rousselot: “It does not define who I am”

If her status makes the difference in the context of the beauty contest, she explains that she does not wish to be categorized or limited to the latter: “ It doesn’t define who I am. I am above all a modern woman, […] a free woman with many dreams and full of ambitions she says.

Well aware that her candidacy could cause discontent and embarrassment », Victoire Rousselot can count on the « messages from women moms like her who support and encourage her in her approach “.

The young woman will have to win the title of Miss Alsace on September 10 before hoping to claim the Miss France crown. As a reminder, the national competition will take place in December 2022, in Châteauroux.

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