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A natural and effective mascara, is it possible?

Combining the effectiveness of a traditional mascara with the clean composition of an organic mascara is now possible. The proof with these brands that fill out the eyelashes without a false note.

If organic mascaras have been around for a few years now, the classic versions are often preferred. In question ? A false design of less efficiency in achieving the desired results. However, they are mostly softer and limit the risk of an allergic reaction. Curling, lengthening or volumizing organic mascaras… here is what they have to offer.

Organic mascara: the cosmetic that finally takes care of your eyelashes

Unlike “more traditional” branded products, the natural mascara does not contain petrochemical derivatives. It consists of vegetable or bee waxes, vegetable oils and floral waters. In addition to being extremely gentle on the eyelashes, it often helps to strengthen them over the long term.

In order to effectively coat the eyelashes and expand them throughout the day, organic mascaras rely on gum (xanthan or arabic). As far as preservatives are concerned, we bet on sodium acetate, which is the mildest that currently exists. If you have sensitive eyes, this is clearly a better option than traditional mascaras.

Their big plus? Many of them are certified vegan and cruelty-free, and we love that! In addition to taking care of your eyelashes, they are made with respect for the environment by limiting substances such as alcohol, parabens, silicones and all other synthetic substances.

Finally, a detail that we do not necessarily think about, but not negligible: it is much easier to remove makeup with natural mascaras. For the most part, a little vegetable oil will be enough to remove everything without pulling on the lashes. In the long term, you will thus save yourself a sparse and weakened lash line.

Natural and organic mascaras: which are the best in 2022?

Since its inception, the organic makeup has come a long way. The days of products that runny and make you look like a panda are well and truly over. But which one to choose if you’ve never tried it?

For perfectly elongated eyelashes, we will opt for the Ilia mascara Limitless Lash. We particularly like its double-sided brush that separates and unfolds the lashes in just a few strokes. And without making packages, which is a real plus.

The promise ? A mascara that “curls, defines and lengthens lashes to infinity”. Enriched with shea butter and arginine, it nourishes and strengthens the most damaged eyelashes. For those who prefer very long-lasting mascaras, we recommend the waterproof Avocat de Ere Perez. Day or night, it accompanies you durably without ever sinking and can be removed just as easily as the others.



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