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a TikTokeuse responds in the best way to a criticism against the positive body

More than ever and all the more so in the era of social networksthe positive body is rigorous. A movement that advocatesself-acceptancethe appreciation of all types of body, and that does a lot of good. And for good reason, it is not uncommon to see scrolling through our Instagram, TikTok or any other social platform, photos and videos praising a perfect body, devoid of cellulite, stretch marks or more scars. Only problem? Let’s not take the showcase of these networks for reality, because it often happens that these publications are retouched in order to comply with the dictates of society, yet in the process of evolving towards the positive.

Fortunately, more and more women show what most of the female body looks like, regardless of their morphology or their age. This is particularly the case of @Ebony_matheson, a user of TikTokan avid follower of positive body and the positive vibes she sends to her community, which has more than 725k subscribers. Unfortunately, the young woman had to suffer an inappropriate comment that goes against all morality. The subject of his video? ” Don’t be fat? » posted by the user of an account that has since gone into private mode.

body positive : this young woman responds to a user suggesting that she not be fat

Neither one nor two, the main interested party took advantage of her ability to master video editing to respond without any aggression. Simply, hoping to open the eyes of those whose opinions fall into the same category as the person behind the comment.

And it is equipped with a black marker, that @Ebony_matheson began to “correct” the curves that she should erase according to this individual. By refining his arms, reshaping his stomachher thighs and her hips, the TikTokeuse took advantage of a montage to show what her body would look like, before concluding “ Does it make you happy now? “. Well sent.

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