Thursday, May 19, 2022

updated on Thursday, May 19, 2022

For the very first time in the history of Miss France, Andréa Furet, a transgender woman, is about to try her luck in the election of Miss Ile-de-France. A real revolution in the world of the famous beauty contest.

A great first. While the Miss France beauty pageant indicated that it did not see “ no problem » to the idea of ​​integrating transgender women, actress Andréa Furet has decided to try her luck in the Miss Ile-de-France electionrevealed Free lunch this Wednesday, May 18.

From the top of her 19 years, the young woman, who had obtained the main role in the telefilm He is shebroadcast last November on TF1, could thus become the first transgender contestant in history to participate in the famous beauty pageant.

Miss France 2023: a transgender woman tries her luck!

A great source of pride for Andréa Furet, who has been involved in representation issues for several years now.

Asked by our colleagues from Parisianthe actress had expressed her desire to “ help trans children who are still looking for themselves and who feel bad about themselves”. A subject that is particularly close to his heart even if his transition was very well received by those close to him.

Andréa Furet, a committed woman

” I have been very lucky. My family, my friends, my loved ones… everyone supported me”she confided then, grateful.

And the young woman to clarify: “At worst, people didn’t care. They said to themselves: ‘If she is happy, it’s her life, she does what she wants’”. A real chance for Andréa Furet who has long wondered about her identity.

“I felt that there was this difference in me”

I have always been this little child who asks himself questions, observes the world around him, looks at what is happening around him. I felt that there was this difference in me, this singularity, but everything was not yet very clear in my head »she said.

It is only in adolescence, “around 14 or 15 years old”, that the girl managed to “put words on what she felt”. A difficult period during which she was able to count on the unwavering support of those close to her, starting with her mother.

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