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Adopt the “clean girl” look, the make-up trend of the moment on Instagram

If you have happened to take a look at Instagram or TikTok applications in recent days, you could not have missed it. The trends are multiple, but at the moment a real phenomenon stands out on these platforms. More and more Internet users are talking about the “clean girl” look (understand “clean girl” in French). Many women offer advice, tips, inspirational looks or even tutorials to obtain the famous “clean girl” style. But what is it really?

Today, we explain to you what a “clean girl”. Because like us, we are sure, you are wondering what it can correspond to. And above all, who is this trend aimed at? Dirty girls? Not at all, you are wrong. The “clean girl” trend makes it possible to adopt a minimalist look, whether it concerns the outfit, the hairstyle or the make-up. In short, flaunt the style of a girl with a very clean look.

“Clean girl”: how to adopt this style?

The “clean” girl is minimalist when it comes to dressing. She grabs the first pair of jeans she can find, pairs it with a t-shirt basic then puts on his pair of Converse. On the hairstyle side, she is not the type to spend several hours taking care of her hair. She prefers to wear them naturally wavy or make a quick bun. Ditto for makeup, no question of dragging on.

You have already seen “clean” style influencers on Instagram. They display a face with very little makeup and favor nude beauty. Do you also want to adopt the “clean girl” trend? So let us give you our top make-up tips for jumping into this summer’s hottest beauty trend.

Clean girl makeup

Above all, it is imperative to display a dream complexion, slightly glowing. For this, you can bet on a tinted sunscreen like Anthelios from La Roche-Posay which offers high protection with a SPF50+. To look better, you can add a little blush pink or even peach. We recommend that you favor a cream texture to keep a beautiful shine!

Finally, with regard to the beauty of the look, once again, it will be necessary to play the natural card. Brush and style your eyebrows upwards using a simple transparent mascara. Very discreetly, it will enlarge your eyes… the look of nothing! Finally, no question of using a black pencil or eyeliner. Lean instead for a simple length mascara. Less is more!

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