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after reading this you will never sleep on your stomach again

Falling asleep isn’t always easy. We turn several times in our bed before finding THE position that will finally allow us to fall into the arms of Morpheus. But did you know that not all positions were necessarily good for us? Some are actually not recommended by experts. And bad news if you tend to fall asleep when you’re on the stomach or on the side (and therefore the face nestled in the pillow): it would not be the best way to sleep, according to several American dermatologists.

You have some small buttons or even wrinkles and fine lines on your face when you take great care of it? This can be the cause of many factors. What if we told you that your sleeping position could be one of these reasons? Yes, you read correctly ! We explain to you.

Acne and wrinkles: skin problems linked to the sleeping position

As dermatologist Rachel Maiman explained in an interview with the magazine UK Glamorthe sleeping position can have an impact on the skin”. The doctor even pointed out that sleeping on your stomach or on your side could cause acne (due to sweat and sebum seeping into the folds of the skin), wrinkles and fine lines. Our sleeping position can “accelerate and intensify wrinkles on the chest, neck and face” added dermatologist Deanne Mraz Robinson, still with Glamor UK.

As you will have understood, dermatologists recommend simply sleeping on the back.It will definitely reduce the risk of developing sleep-related skin problems.” Rachel Maiman told Glamor UK. Finally, also pay attention not to sleep too flat so as not to wake up with swollen eyes due to the accumulation of lymph at the level of the upper body, or even too high to avoid folds and wrinkles at the level of the neck.

A silk pillowcase, the good idea to avoid wrinkles

Do you manage to fall asleep only when you are lying on your stomach or on your side? Don’t inflict long sleepless nights on yourself to avoid wrinkles and acne. We have a solution for you to prevent skin problems and premature skin aging.

Opt for a silk pillowcase or satin rather than cotton. Indeed, these soft and delicate materials glide over the skin and prevent it from “crumpling”. The good trick to know! As a bonus, the silk or satin pillowcase is also known to avoid knots in the hair! In short, she is fine.

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