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Allelique Skincare shares its secrets of success

We can define the consumer as someone looking for quality based on ingredient certification, as well as the ingredient they know is the latest and greatest on the market. Rather than a Chinese or Western brand, component quality certification is a crucial point for Chinese consumers to make their best choice.

Based on this observation, it can be said that beauty product brands are becoming less critical. Consumers are. If they know what they need and how the ingredients work, the brand becomes essential to serve as a trust-based indicator of quality. However, as consumers learn more about skin science, they feel less of a need to buy specific brands. They are willing to try new products if they come with quality certification built into their core message. According to Mane Velasco, CEO of Allelique, this will also be the trend in 2022.

The Internet has transformed the shopping and research experience. Today’s consumers can quickly become ‘intellectuals’ knowing their skin and its particular needs, but they still have to trust the brand behind the product. A brand’s values ​​and how it presents them to the Chinese market are fundamental to the brand’s success.

What is selling well?

Brands maintain a high level of trust. However, e-commerce shoppers are now looking for ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and amino acids. For us, the vision ofallelic is to offer consumers products clearly identified according to their ingredients and how they can use them according to their lifestyle and their needs.

Predict a trend

TikTok, which is growing in China, is driving the rapid trend changes. What does that mean ? Images and direct connection with the consumer by making them live the brand experience through videos and images, have an impact on the way the brand is perceived by the customer, even more viral, even more connectivity .

Allelique constantly creates live streams and articles for Chinese consumers to connect with the brand. It is important to note here that Chinese consumers not only enjoy videos and visuals, but they also enjoy reading and learning.

The biggest social media trends usually have a lifespan of three months. It’s the western world in China, and things are moving much faster. A viral video can go on for two weeks, so determining which audience the brand is going to target on social media is key. Allelique has a well-defined consumer among the Chinese, and we always try to amuse them with new things and pamper them. Flagship stores on Chinese e-commerce platforms help sell the products and raise awareness through livestreams and digital events.




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