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April Benayoum (France) not in the top 10, here is the winner

Glitter and lots of tears. This Wednesday, March 16, Polish Karolina Biewlaska succeeded Jamaican Toni-Ann Singh in winning the coveted title of Miss World 2022.

A disappointment for supportersApril Benayoum who however managed to climb into the top 13 of the jury.

Miss World 2022: April Benayoum proud of her career

Proud of her career, the one who represented France at the famous beauty contest did not fail to thank her subscribers for their support throughout this extraordinary adventure.

“Too proud of this Top 13 out of 100 candidates! A nice birthday present. Come on, I’m going to bed and tomorrow I’m sunbathing in the pool, I haven’t even bathed in a month in Puerto Rico! »she explained on Instagram.

A joy shared by Sylvie Tellier who did not fail to congratulate her protege: “Top 13, well done April Benayoum! “.

Targeting on Twitter

A victory all the more beautiful for the beauty queen as the latter had been the target of anti-Semitic insults on Twitter during the Miss France election.

Devastated, Miss Provence 2020, who had been able to count on the support of the other candidates, had then decided to file a complaint against her detractors.

In November 2021, seven people were finally sentenced for racist remarks.

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