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Astro: after the Full Moon in May 2022, what beauty treatment to pamper yourself?

With the school year coming to an end and the days getting longer, the fatigue and stress of the year are beginning to be felt. Your astrology has its own characteristics that make it unique and external factors that affect it more than others. And it is also thanks to his personality traits that you can know which treatment is indicated for your specific need in terms of decompression.

Whether you are a talkative Gemini, a vain Leo or a beautiful Libra in search of balance, you will find how to counter the stress of your daily life and the last astral placements that have not been kind to us.

Indeed, the Full Moon in Scorpio along with the Eclipse of May 16, 2022, left an intense reflective energy that incites renewal. But change can be tiring, and at this time of year the holidays still seem a long way off.

Mercury in retrograde until June 3, 2022 blurs your mental clarity and forces you to be careful about what you communicate. A mental effort that will pay off, but that consumes a lot of energy!

While waiting for the great relaxation of summer, see what well-being treatment is favored for your zodiac sign and take a well-deserved Zen break.

Astro: The zodiac to the rescue of your well-being

Aries: Hot stones.

Crisp and vigorous, Aries energy is strong and they rarely realize that your body needs a break to recharge the batteries. Aries is one of the most intense signs of the zodiac and calming them down is not easy.

The hot stone massage is indicated to relax the muscles of the body in depth. The heat of the stones allows the massage to remain gentle without losing its power.

During the session, the practitioner will place the stones all along the body to radiate their heat and the benefits of the essential oils of your choice. Absolute relaxation guaranteed.

Taurus: Cocoa therapy

The most bon vivant and epicurean sign of the zodiac deserves its greedy cure. Rare and uncommon experience. Chocolate is packed with nutrients that nourish the skin, soften it and have an energizing, stimulating and toning effect on your body. The fragrance of this treatment activates in the body, serotonin and nutrients restore the softness of the skin.

Gemini: Californian massage

The astrological sign of Gemini is of unparalleled mental activity in the zodiac. Their thoughts are racing and this is a source of stress and tension for the body. Their intellectual performance is remarkable and the importance of being able to take a break is essential for these natives.

Ideal for global and deep relaxation, the Californian massage consists of a massage of the whole body, with particular emphasis on the trapezius muscles and the neck. The key to the well-being that this treatment brings is the synergy between the aromatic oils used and the pressure exerted by the practitioner to evacuate stiffness. A sensory journey that will do you good.

Cancer: Hammam with friends

The need to be surrounded by loved ones and familiar people is one of the characteristics of this sign. Intimacy is reserved for a small circle, which they cherish above all else. The ideal moment of relaxation for a Cancer woman is a shared moment. What better than a hammam between women that will allow you to cleanse your body and spend a moment of shared joy.

Leo: Yoga Lift

Leo is the most self-aware sign of the entire zodiac. He needs to be always on top, and for that, it is very important to maintain his body and mind. To have this natural glow, a single technique is enough: facial yoga. This discipline consists of doing facial stretches, but you can also do it as a facial! This one will redefine the contours and tone the muscles while you relax!

Virgo: Reflexology

Virgo is the most stress-aware zodiac sign because it’s everywhere! His ability to manage a lot of problems at the same time and to organize everything is admirable. This is why she also knows that a simple moment of relaxation is not enough to eradicate all the stress from her body. For her, it is advisable to do Reflexology. This practice relieves tension and activates blood and lymphatic circulation. This therapy adapts to everyone’s needs and gives a feeling of relaxation that is very beneficial for the body.

Balance: Ayurvedic massage

The Libra woman is always in search of well-being. She knows that by offering herself a moment of relaxation, she comes into contact with her essence which is balance. With an incomparable open-mindedness, she will look in all cultures for the keys to being Zen. For her, the best therapy is an Ayurvedic massage. This massage is for traditional Indian medicine one of the best ways to refocus your Chakras. It has been used for very distant times and its effectiveness is no longer to be proven. The use of Ayurvedic herbs and oils ensures a moment of pleasure and a journey for the senses.

Scorpio: Acupuncture

Scorpio is the undisputed king of transformation. His way of life is of an intensity that allows him to pass through the most difficult trials and come out stronger. Acupuncture is a therapeutic art that acts on the meridians of the body, that is to say the energy points of Chinese medicine. Very fine needles penetrate the skin to activate the energy of the body by releasing it from its blockages. This discipline can treat many health problems such as smoking or chronic stress. However, this technique is not for everyone. The soundness of Scorpio makes them an ideal candidate to experience radical healing of body and mind.

Sagittarius: Reiki

Sagittarius is a very spiritual sign that has a strong connection to the energetic world. They are natives of unfailing faith, the perfect healing for them will be one that heals their etheric body. Reiki is an ancestral practice of Japanese origin which consists of rebalancing the body’s energy to activate a self-healing process. This is done by a practitioner and the results on stress and depression are amazing.

Capricorn: Ghassoul wrap

This earth sign has every chance of feeling revived during this type of ritual originating in the Middle East. The most concrete of the astrological signs will connect with a care coming from its element and which brings visible and immediate results. The skin benefits of gray clay are proven. It nourishes the epidermis and restores radiance. Your skin will be detoxified and nourished. The protective film of the skin respected and dead cells eliminated for an extraordinary radiance.

Aquarius: Sophrology

Aquarius is undoubtedly an eclectic and innovative sign. These natives are often in search of originality. Sophrology will be a perfect way for them to find calm and combine several relaxation techniques from different disciplines. Breathing techniques combined with body movements of muscle relaxation and visualization of thoughts act on the body and mind to eliminate stress and the thoughts that generate it. A therapy that has enjoyed great popularity in recent years for its gentleness and effectiveness.

Pisces: Hydrotherapy

The star of the oceans will feel like a fish in water in the best known of Thalasso treatments: hydrotherapy. Water is the element of this sign, and being in contact with it gives it instant relaxation. These courses, which often operate in a circuit, are classic spa treatments. A well-being break to enjoy all the benefits of seawater.

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