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Atelier Patricia Laure, rejuvenating facial treatments in Paris

A beauty workshop with multiple treatments

A teacher, Patricia Laure spent ten years of her life in Thailand. Before returning to France, she first discovered reflexology there, before training for a whole year in different massage and treatment techniques. Back home, she continued her training at the Françoise Morice school, where she was trained in kineplasty, a manual facial treatment, which has already convinced, for years, big names in French cinema, such as Catherine Deneuve and Chiara Mastroianni. ” It is a discipline that allows you to preserve your natural beauty, especially for women with mature skin who check the result care after care. “Clients treat themselves to a treatment of recognized quality which slows down the aging of the skin, which does not remove wrinkles but which harmonizes them throughout the face.“says Patricia. The latter also favors in her work, manual activity to machines, more and more present in beauty salons.

Kinéplasty, the enemy of aging?

Invented in the 1950s by Françoise Morice, “the high priestess of facialism” as she was nicknamed, kineplasty is a manual facial care technique that harmonizes volumes, improves the oval, oxygenates the tissues and regenerate dermal cells. After a deep cleansing of the face, Patricia practices pinches on the neck, the décolleté before paying attention to all areas of the face. ” I reshape, I work on the volume, the density of the fabrics to correct the sagging. Wrinkles do not disappear but are more discreet. This treatment is not painful and it is very conducive to relaxation. My clients feel lighter in their minds and in their bodies “, explains Patricia. Thus, the founder of the beauty workshop is the only one to practice kineplasty in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, among the twenty practitioners in France to master this method.

A rejuvenating care ecosystem

Apart from these kineplasty services, which continue to convince again and again, the expert in natural beauty also uses Chinese cold cupping, body and face, combining traditional Chinese techniques with contemporary expertise. Patricia also practices manual lymphatic drainage,

Swedish massages, slimming draining body remodeling massages, hot stone massages, in order to offer an ecosystem of treatments for the whole body. In a calm and warm place, the practitioner uses products from the Françoise Morice range, of which she is the exclusive agent, as well as natural and artisanal products. Values ​​of natural beauty that Patricia shares with her expert hands with ever more loyal customers, waiting for lasting luminosity on their face.

With the desire to share the benefits of the incredible method of kineplasty with as many people as possible, Patricia plans to open other beauty salons, in France or elsewhere.

Patricia Laura Workshop

66 avenue Emile Zola, 75015 Paris

06 37 74 32 17



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