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attacked on her wrinkles at 45, she responds to criticism

On her social networks, but also on film sets and in life in general, Alessandra Sublet never hesitates to appear natural.

Very recently, on the occasion of the broadcast of the TV movie Handigang of which she is the star, the former host posted a video of her without makeup or filter. The objective: to thank all the people who worked alongside him.

Alessandra Sublet appears natural

This is not the first time that Alessandra Sublet reveals herself like this, without artifice, none. From the top of her 45 years, she is not afraid to show herself as she is and does not try to hide the marks that time leaves on her face.

To stay in line with her values, the latter even imposed the fact of being able to remain as natural as possible on the set ofHandigang. For this, her beauty was the most minimalist on the screen.

Unfortunately, this transparency has earned him regular attacks from certain Internet users… The target of criticism: his physical appearance.

Her wrinkles at the heart of the critics: she responds bluntly!

Although everyone has them from a certain age, it seems that Alessandra Sublet’s wrinkles are particularly disturbing. Or would it rather be the fact that she does not consider it useful to hide them? Anyway, the derogatory comments fuse.

Tired of these inappropriate remarks which are multiplying under her Instagram publications, Alessandra Sublet does not hesitate to respond bluntly to her detractors, as she has already done on several occasions.

The former host is not afraid to affirm it to whoever wants to hear it; not only does she fully assume her wrinkles, but in addition, she loves them! Under one of these previous posts, she had also advanced: “My wrinkles are the reflection of a lifetime and I have learned to love them”. That has the merit of being clear !

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