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battle mode between the misses who confirm the same trend

Haloed by a five-star cast as usual, this 75th edition of the Cannes Film Festival confirms its title as the most prestigious event in the Seventh Art. And this season, none other than the sparkling Virginie Efiraelected mistress of ceremonies to ensure the opening and closing of the Cannes Film Festival, which takes up residence in the eponymous coastal town from May 17 to 28, 2022. If the Belgian actress promoted the split dress trend during his first appearance on the front of the stage, other personalities have unknowingly followed suit to compete in elegance.

Iris Mittenaere and Amandine Petit: meeting of Miss France, in Cannes

Conducive to a climb of the steps and a rise in memorable temperatures, various sumptuous outfits paraded during the very select Cannes red carpet. Having answered the call of the traditional photo calla duo of former miss France redoubled its creativity to electrify the red carpet and climb the palace steps.

A battle fashion led with a master hand by Iris Mittenaère and Amandine Smallmore bewitching than ever, because without having spread the word, the beauty queens have honored the same fashion trend: the corset. This sensual piece of bodice, whose portrait we drew just yesterday, praising this legendary underwear, which has become a garment in its own right.

The corset, the fashion trend of the Cannes Film Festival 2022

Confirmed by Iris Mittenaère and Amandine Smallthe trend corset takes the lead to stand on the steps of the Palace. A reversal of the situation since this piece of lingerie has long remained controversial, to finally be unanimous for two consecutive summers.

Initially devoid of straps, the corset modern times retains its function as a slimming garment, conducive to enhance the silhouette by refining and sculpting the waist. Sufficient arguments to forge strong ties with the most influential personalities of the moment, like Iris Mittenaere, opposite style side to her friend, Amandine Petit.

Iris Mittenaere, in corset and slit dress at the Cannes Film Festival

Sublime as usual, the pretty 29-year-old brunette has profiled her most beautiful neckline to prove her sculptural dress signed Mugler. A trompe-l’oeil creation, consisting of a long black dress with a slit, highlighting the legwork of Miss France and Miss Universe 2016. In the same vein, this luxury dress is enhanced by a corset in silk in the Regency style, underlined by a Boucheron necklace and a pair of opera gloves tied to the dress.

To put the world at her feet, the companion of Diego El Glaoui favored sandals Rene Caovilla adorned with laced straps around her slender legs. A highly successful first stair climb for Iris Mittenaèrehaving later presented her mischievous outfit to her 2.9 million subscribers on Instagram, just like Amandine Petit.

Amandine Petit, sumptuous Miss in a corset dress in Cannes

With a Greek-inspired draped finish, the Rami Al Ali dress raised by Amandine Small at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival, made a point of honor on the same trend as its predecessor, the corset. In a remarkably refreshing water green in view of the scorching degrees felt on the Croisette, this draped dress worn by Miss France 2021 hypnotized the assembly of paparazzi.

A sartorial rallying point with Iris Mittenaere, whom Amandine Petit underlined with a tiara shining with a thousand lights, highlighting her azure blue gaze, and attesting to her title of beauty queen, transformed into a Cannes goddess.

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