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Berlin, metropolis, history and art all in one

In a backpack, mix a map of the city of Berlin, a penchant for history and a desire to discover this German metropolis. Add a few pinches of curiosity, a taste for adventure and a few sprigs of good weather. You are now ready to go!

Berlin Wall – Source: Yulbaba

The capital is full of historical and cultural treasures. The new and the old come together in all kinds and styles for a very personal charm in Berlin. After all, in what other city can you listen to a play about globalization, sitting on boxes of Dole bananas, in a building dating back several centuries? This is Berlin, a city full of contrasts and mixtures!

Where to start? Hard to say, because you could spend three months in Berlin and still not have visited everything! First, as the attractions of the city are scattered on both sides, I advise you to get a ticket giving you the right to transport at will, for example 7 days for 28 euros (LPP).

Do not be afraid of the hordes of tourists, several corners of Berlin are unknown, so do not hesitate to think outside the box. Here are some essentials that you can incorporate into your itinerary as you wish.

  • Emotions will take you by storm when you imagine the reality of Berliners just over twenty years ago. Touch the Berlin Wall and visit theEast Gallery on Mühlenstrasse in Berlin-Friedrichshain.
  • For more information on life during wall of shame, a museum not to be missed is the Mauermuseum / Haus am Checkpoint Charlie. Even if your knowledge of this time is limited, you will find what you need there, since the explanations are colorful, colorful and interesting for all!
  • Close by, don’t miss Checkpoint Charlie, a border post that made it possible to cross the wall during the Cold War. You will undoubtedly have seen it on a lot of postcards!
  • If the weather permits, take a moment to visit the Topography of Terror, an open-air exhibition on the Gestapo in the former places of the secret police.
  • For a small panoramic stroll on the German Champs Élysées, go down theavenue Unter den Linden (“Under the lime trees”) until the Brandenburg Gate (Brandenburger Tor), a tourist symbol of Berlin and once a symbol of the division of Germany, since it was bordered by the wall.
  • Then go to Reichstag Palace where you can climb into the glass dome for a breathtaking view of Berlin.
  • After all this history, do you want art museums? You won’t miss a thing, because the most beautiful museums in the metropolis are grouped together on themuseum island (Museuminsel) which has five. A pleasure for the eyes!
  • For a little exoticism and a different artistic take on today’s Berlin, go to Tacheles, the district or rather the artists’ squat.

These attractions are just the tip of the iceberg. You will never be bored in Berlin, we promise!

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