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Bobbi Brown’s three tips for mature skin

On its networks, makeup industry legend Bobbi Brown shared his best makeup tips for women over 50. What do we like? It is simple and easy professional advice to integrate into your beauty routine that do not require a multitude of different products or steps.

Mature skin: hydration above all

The professional is without appeal, the most important part of your make-up routine actually begins long before applying make-up products. Hydrating your skin is essential. “Start by putting moisturizer… but not just on your face, put it on your neck, your hands, it’s more pleasant and your skin will look better,” she explains in her video.

She doesn’t explain exactly which cream she uses on a daily basis, but for mature skin, dermatologists still recommend turning to products containing peptides that help repair skin damage and hyaluronic acid that holds hydration in the skin and prevents it from drying out.

Also, as a second tip, Bobby Brown recommends hiding redness. For this, she uses the face pencil by Jones Road, a concealer in the form of a pencil. “Get rid of redness around your nose, mouth, and under your eyes,” she advises. A few dots of concealer weigh down the complexion much less than a foundation.

Make-up on mature skin: bet on points of light

The last piece of advice the pro offers? “I like to bring luminosity to my face,” she confides. In her video she always uses Jones Road’s Miracle Balm, which she blends on her cheekbones with her fingertips, moving the product up towards her temples for a lifting effect. This product has been designed to reflect light and acts as a highlighter on the face. Moisturizing, it is ideal for mature skin and will not mark areas of dryness.

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