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Butt Cleavage cleavage is the sexiest of the summer

Many are the clothes contenders for the title of summer fashion trend, and few are those who manage to dethrone the clothes that reign as absolute masters. Between the gymwear playsuit, the cargo skirt, and the dungarees is a new arrival then claiming its position in the fashion ranking: the n back dressu, but not just any. A particular model, making us revise our primer on dresses, since we had already noticed it in a legendary trophic cinema work.

Backless trend: Mireille Darc’s black dress becomes a fashion inspiration again

And for good reason, in the film The Tall Blond with a black shoe, Mireille Darc bursts the screen in a sulphurous black dress with vertiginous bare back, made in 1972 by designer Guy Laroche. A hypnotic model revealing the fall of kidneys of the French actress, and almost more. Only dressed in a golden chain, this bewitching and shameless creation captivated the general public, and embodies a new trend of the 1970s, the ” Butt Cleavage “.

In 1990, the dress with a halter top encounters a second craze, to the point of repeating itself nowadays. A fashion trend that visibly makes an appointment with its general public every twenty years, since in 2022, the Butt Cleavage converts both fashion journalists and other style experts who monopolize it, but also inspires brands to sketch new curves for it.

Reconstructed from scratch by Anne-Laure Mais, the founder and artistic director of the Parisian ready-to-wear brand Musier, this iconic dress for film buffs and fashion aficionados is transformed into a “bow dress” and perpetuates its availability. on sale.

Summer 2022 fashion: the bare back can be worn for any occasion

Touched in the heart by this stylistic arrow, the pros of social networks and the celebrities invited to the red carpet, never miss an opportunity to profile their most beautiful back neckline. This was particularly the case of Virginie Efira, who in September 2021 bewitched the paparazzi during the Venice Film Festival.

How to wear a bare back in summer?

Same catchphrase on Instagram although it is a completely different register, the personalities followed by hundreds of thousands of subscribers grant their feed by revealing their bare back dresses. For her part, Negin Mirsalehi sublimates her rounded pregnant belly in a neon green dress, the open back of which she accentuates by combing her hair with a transparent fishnet clip. Just like Carla Ginola who opted for a bodysuit with a plunging neckline in the back, which she associated with baggy Dior jeans. As for the referent Scandinavian fashion Emili Sindlev, wearing the Butt Cleavage trend goes through a laced open back shirt, which she twists with cargo pants and colorful flip flops to uninhibit her look.

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