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Camille Santoro (Large families) talks about the cosmetic surgery she underwent

For several years now, many of us have missed nothing of the daily life of the siblings of Large families: life in XXL. While the fifth season is currently being broadcast on the TF1 channel, family members have become real reality TV stars. Moms are indeed very followed on social networks and especially on Instagram.

Among the most popular we count Rofrane Bambara mother of quadruplets (320,000 subscribers), the Gayat family made up of 9 children aged 4 to 26 (409,000 subscribers), the Pellissard family (324,000 subscribers) or even Camille Santoro (794,000 subscribers). The people who follow them ask themselves lots of questions about families, so some moms don’t hesitate to take the time to answer each one. Recently, it was Camille from the Santoro family who offered a session of questions answers to his Instagram community.

Plastic surgery ? Camille Santoro has “no taboo on that”

The questions then flared up and the followers of this mother of 6 children showed themselves to be unfiltered. Not necessarily ready to talk about it right away, Camille Santoro finally wanted to raise the subject of cosmetic surgery. The young woman claimed to have had recourse to cosmetic surgery and expressed herself in complete transparency. “I have no taboos about it” she said on Instagram. Camille Santoro confessed to having retouched his body a few years ago.

” I am going to tell you, I was 20 years old, it was a long time ago and it was out of necessity. I had my breasts redone”, she revealed to her community. However, Camille Santoro did not give further details on Instagram. And she’s not the only one to have been transparent about cosmetic surgery. Other moms have already spoken some time ago to reveal the various operations they may have undergone in the past.

Other moms to have given in to the call for cosmetic surgery

A few weeks agoAmber Dol admitted that after her appearance on television in the program Families large: life in XXL, she had made the decision to embark on a rhinoplasty. “The few times I had time to watch the show, I only saw my nose. I think usually I had to avoid seeing myself in profile”she confided on Instagram.

Amandine Pellissard, for her part, had confessed to having made injections of hyaluronic acid to plump up her lips. The mother of the family would also like to touch up her chest. “I breastfed eight children, of course the mothers will understand. When we breastfeed, we no longer have the same breasts as before. (…) As a woman, I want to find my chest. I’m going to do a 95D, today I’m doing a B cup”. Like what, cosmetic surgery is really not a taboo subject for mothers of large families: life in XXL.

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