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Carla Bruni, unrecognizable with (much too) plucked eyebrows

If social networks are, for the stars, the perfect way to share their daily life with their community, it is also an opportunity to make flashbacks and dive far back. Some stars seem nostalgic and regularly post memories from years ago. Carla Bruni is part of. Regularly, the artist of Italian origin posts excerpts from the catwalk of the 90s in which she participated as a supermodel or even old snapshots captured during her childhood.

Today, Carla Bruni remembers her best moments from the 90s, especially with her friends. The model shared a new Instagram post this Thursday evening that did not go unnoticed. Indeed, in the photo in question, Carla Bruni was under 30 years old. She was only 28 or 29 years old according to the legend. Nicolas Sarkozy’s wife actually specified that this shot had been taken during thesummer 1995 or 1996. “Can’t really remember the exact date, I must admit” she joked. “On the other hand, I remember what a pleasure it was to feel alive and young, to smoke and to live without fear”.

Carla Bruni, a natural beauty

For Carla Bruni, this photo evokes two important things for her: “youth & carpe diem”. In other words, youth and recklessness. For this little improvised shoot with her friend photographer Dave Stewart in a house in the south of France, Carla Bruni had stayed very natural. No makeup adorned her face. Sublime and naturally radiant, the model wore her hair back covered with a white veil delicately placed on her head. Her clear face was highlighted by the sunlight for a stunning shot.

Wearing at that time very plucked eyebrows, Carla Bruni had cracked in the 90s for the most fashionable trend. That of ultra thin eyebrows ! Like most women, the pretty brunette had a heavy hand when waxing. On the snapshot shared on Instagram, Carla Bruni is then almost unrecognizable. The eyebrow line is one of the most important details of a face. It is therefore advisable to favor the natural so that it highlights us the most.

Thin eyebrows, a key trend of the 90s

Very thin eyebrows? A trend that tends to come back today… but not always without consequence ! Indeed, tweezing your eyebrows too much means taking the risk that the hairs in the area will never grow back again. At this point, you can only count on a pencil, microshading or an eyebrow transplant to find a beautiful line.

Between her lips, Carla Bruni held a cigarette, probably not containing only tobacco. A detail that scandalized several people in his community, not failing to give a moral lesson to the star in commentary: “The cigarette kills Carla”, “The cigarette kills, and let’s not talk about this m…. which is not a soft drug, contrary to what some think. Smoking kills slowly but surely. So go and see in the oncology departments of the hospitals, in what condition the patients are”.

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