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Carole Bouquet “distraught” by her physical transformation “how she looks in the mirror”

Time seems to have no hold on her. However, Carole Bouquet, from the top of her 64 springs, sometimes has trouble dealing with her image, as she explained this Sunday 1er may in seven to eight.

“The best thing is not to look at yourself too much”quips the actress who “spend as little time as possible in front of your mirror”.

Carole Bouquet “distraught” by the physical transformation of Madonna

And to specify: “JI have to watch myself very closely, otherwise it’s much further away with glasses. So it’s not bad because between the two, I do not see myself “.

If it is difficult for her to accept the marks of the passage of time, Carole Bouquet does not however intend to have recourse to cosmetic surgery for which she has a real aversion.

“It really is someone else”

I’m sorry, but I’ve seen images, and she has talent, of Madonna, it scares meshe began. It scares me “.

While the impressive physical transformation of the Queen of Pop questions even her most loyal fans, Carole Bouquet does not mince her words.

But how does she look in the mirror in the morning? It’s not her! But when you’re alone with your mirrorshe protests. It really is someone else! »

And the artist, “delighted to have the face which begins to mark”, to conclude :Me, I can’t, I couldn’t! »

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