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Carole Bouquet reveals her natural and free anti-aging secret!

As she prepares to blow out her 65th candle in a few months, it is clear that Carole Bouquet still has a radiant face!

What could her beauty secret be? In the columns of SHE published on March 25, the French actress confided a few things… No way for her to make her age a taboo. Carole Bouquet told the magazine: “ I was born in 1957, there is no problem in saying that! »

She continues: “ I refuse not to be the age that I am, otherwise I will suffer excruciatingly. There are many other reasons to suffer, so this one, no thanks. Anyway, I don’t have much choice. »

Anti-aging secret: “love, humor, laughter” for Carole Bouquet

When she is asked about her beauty secret, Carole Bouquet begins by answering: “ It’s not for me to say… At 20, I had the face of Madonna, and then I enjoyed life to the fullest. »

She ends up admitting: I believe a lot in love, but also in humor, laughter, funny people. It’s crazy how happy it is. »

Does Carole Bouquet’s ultimate beauty secret lie in happiness and positivity? It is in any case what the eternal james bond girl seems to believe!

I refuse any strong act on my body, any operation »

In a previous interview with the magazine, she said: Aging is violent for women and even more so for actresses. »

Regarding her relationship to cosmetic surgery, the actress claimed to refuse to indulge in ” cosmetic surgery operations all over the body, all over the face, all the time. »

I don’t want this rat race. Aging does not delight me but I refuse any strong act on my body, any operation. I hope I never indulge in it “, she explained.

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