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Celebrities have adopted the shaved head! (female version)

In these times of women’s liberation, more and more public figures are taking on a very difficult act. Shave this hair that requires so much time, so much care. And while cutting a woman’s hair was reserved for humiliation, nowadays this act becomes a symbol of affirmation.

As far back as history allows us to go back in time, hair is seen as one of the most valuable feminine assets. Poets have never tired of describing them as they accompany and magnify our every move. They too have their character, and many are those (and those) who complain about their nature. Too curly, too thin, too oily… what a problem!

So boom! A mower, and the problem is solved. To us the freshness in summer, no more ears, painful brushing and toxic treatments! Tempted? For the one who would really be, more and more celebrities dare to take the step.

Shaving your head, an act necessarily committed for a woman

But this act is still far from being perceived as normal. Each of these public decisions is an event in itself. They propel, as they attract attention, the promotion of a film or the support of a cause. However, on closer inspection, aren’t all these uncovered faces endowed with beauty?




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