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Charlene of Monaco reveals her all white hair

After a long absence on the Rock, Charlène of Monaco is finally back at the Palace and enjoying her family. It also seems important to him to reassure his community about his state of health. On social networks, the princess shares pictures of her and her loved ones more regularly than before. Lately, it’s through his account instagram that the wife of Prince Albert II posted a tender photo of her and her daughter.

In the image in question, Charlene of Monaco appears alongside Gabriella. Embracing her in her arms, both seem to appreciate this moment of complicity mother Daughter. The former swimmer also confirmed it in the caption of her post dating from this Tuesday, May 24. “I loved every moment of preparing my princess for her first official event. We look forward to this excellent evening at the fashion awards” she wrote below her last Instagram post.

Charlene of Monaco reveals her white hair

If the mother-daughter complicity between Charlene of Monaco and her daughter Gabriella is obvious, it is however not this detail that has caught the attention of Internet users. The wife of Prince Albert II took advantage of this Instagram post to unveil a new haircut. At 44, the mother of the family has chosen to trade her honey blond hair for a more natural and softer coloring.

Charlene of Monaco now has all white hair and it suits her perfectly. The Monegasque wears a boyish cut very short embellished with a tapered lock styled on the side. A hair cut very elegant which perfectly highlights her face.

A new short cut that pleases

The princess’s followers also appreciated her new look. “I love your hair”, “you are sublime”, “beautiful and elegant as always”, can we read in particular in the comments. Charlene of Monaco has been showered with compliments by her community which is so benevolent.

On the look side, Charlène of Monaco and her daughter had taken care to match their outfits. They had chosen nude and pastel tones. The wife of Prince Albert II wore a golden dress while Gabriella wore a sumptuous dress embroidered with blue and pink flowers.

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