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Children’s sunscreen selection criteria

Why use sunscreen on your child?

Often categorized as soft and fragile, children’s skin needs specific care. Thus, before exposure to sunlight and other aggressive factors, it is necessary to protect it. Indeed, the different epidermal layers of a child’s skin are immature. In addition to finesse of its thickness, the epidermis is permeable and dehydrates quite easily. This layer is also sensitive to irritation, especially sunburn, because of its fairly low melanin level. the sun capital of a child, i.e. the capacity of his skin to produce melanin to fight against the effects of UV rays, is weak. Therefore, the application of a child sunscreen is required.

In the short term, the exposure of a child to the sun without suitable cream causes the drying out of the skin, the burn skin and intolerance manifested by allergic rashes. Over the long term, melanin reserves are depleted. The skin that has matured in adulthood establishes a defense mechanism at the slightest exposure, which leads to sun allergy. Atopic dermatitis or melanoma can also manifest.

What are the types of sunscreen for children?

Sun creams for children come in two types: chemical barrier cream which absorbs UVA and UVB rays and physical screen cream which reflects these rays. Chemical screens are made up of ingredients of chemical origin like Mexoryl SX while physical ones are made up of zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. It is good to know that sunscreens with chemical filters are only active 20 or 30 minutes after their application. Therefore, for good efficiency, it is advisable to spread them about 20 minutes before exposure to the sun. Physical filter sunscreens act immediately, but are rather difficult to apply.

How to recognize a good sunscreen for children?

To optimize the protection of your child’s skin and avoid the possible risks associated with exposure to the sun, choose a sun care product adapted to his age. In order not to be mistaken during your acquisition, take into account the protection level. Orient your choice towards a cream with strong protection, an SPF 50+ formula, like the one you can find on the pages of Vichy Laboratories. Also check the texture cream. We generally speak of cream, but there are other galenic forms such as sun gel or anti-sand sun mist. In addition, your choice should relate to the water protection resistance and on the absence of allergen among the ingredients.


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