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Codex Beauty Labs: plants at the service of beauty!

Committed to performance and proven efficacy, Codex Beauty Labs takes essence in biotechnology. This sustainable and beneficial approach uses only nature’s resources to reinvent our treatment rituals.

Founded in 2018 by Barbara Paldus, the brand deliberately takes a scientific, data-driven approach to pampering our body’s largest organ: the skin.

Avant-garde, the product lines are defined by function, rather than by age or skin type. As the Bia moisturizing collection. Through careful selection of bioactive extracts from native Irish plants. Exceptionally pure, these treatments stimulate the skin’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. Light, the Gentle Cleansing Oil eliminates impurities, while leaving the skin smooth and hydrated.

The Antü collection draws its strength from a clever blend of wild Patagonian plants to soothe irritation and reduce inflammation. The Illuminating Night Cream lightens dark spots and evens out the complexion, for a luminous result.

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Find Codex Beauty Labs on:

the Internet : https://bit.ly/3y5I1MS

instagram : Codex Beauty Labsbeauty

Facebook : @Codex Beauty LabsBeauty

pinterest : Codex Beauty Labs Beauty Labs



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