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Colgate’s new Elixir toothpaste is creating buzz on TikTok and here’s why

There are small daily problems that are difficult to solve. And for this, we can of course count on the brands and their crazy ingenuity. They never lack imagination when it comes to innovation. A few years ago, researchers from theMassachusetts Institute of Technology focused on a well-known problem: the waste of toothpaste ! Because we can pinch the tube as much as possible and in all directions to get the most product out… it turns out that the waste remains significant and almost inevitable.

This problem, we encounter it in our bathroom with toothpaste, creams but also in the kitchen with mayonnaise or even ketchup. So far, the best solution available to us has been to cut the end of the tube using a pair of scissors and taking out the remains of toothpaste, cream or mayonnaise. Inconvenient option. So researchers imagined a smart packaging whose coating does not grip the product. It’s stupid, and yet, you had to think about it!

A “slippery” toothpaste packaging

Marketed in particular by the company Liquiglide, the slippery packaging sports a coating using vegetal oils. Thus, the product fails to cling to the walls of the tube. A technology that promises zero loss and that we will very soon find in the beauty departments of our French supermarkets.

Indeed, Liquiglide has partnered with Colgate-Palmolive to produce tubes more responsible. Already available in some countries, the new toothpaste Colgate Elixir creates buzz on social media. And we must admit that the video shared on TikTok by the beauty influencer Glamzilla is quite convincing.

@glamzilla I need u to buy this ASAP ITS $6 @Colgate ♬ original sound – GLAMZILLA

The toothpaste everyone wants

On this video in question, already counting more than 5 million views and almost 1 million “likes”, the young woman shakes the tube of toothpaste in all directions and it is hypnotizing: “it doesn’t stick to the walls, you can really finish all the toothpastethat’s great !” she comments.

In addition to avoiding product waste, Glamzilla takes advantage of its video to highlight the fact that the tube is 100% recyclable. A responsible packaging that everyone is about to tear off according to the various comments left under the video of the influencer. “I need it, as soon as possible!”, “I know it’s only toothpaste, but it looks great”, “I don’t know why I need it, but I have some need” can we in particular read. And we too, we can’t wait to find it in France to finally be able to try it!

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