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Convinced she has a new pimple, she discovers it’s actually a worm

We are all very careful with our beauty habits to avoid as much as possible small imperfections settling on our face. We respect in a very diligent way the stages of the cleansing and hydration of our skin, twice a day, morning and evening! It is therefore quite easy, by using the right cosmetics, to prevent the dehydration of the epidermis or the appearance of pigment spots. However, it is more difficult to prevent the appearance of pimples.

Indeed, we can use all the care we want, even the best and most efficient, we can never really avoid the appearance of a pimple here and there on our face. This is explained quite simply by the fact that it is not just a matter of cosmetics. The arrival of a pimple can be caused by poor diet, alcohol, lack of sleep, pollution…so many factors that we do not always control.

A pimple that moved on the face

So here it is, it happens to wake up in the morning with a new pimple on the face, and that has nothing to alarm us. This is perfectly normal. It is enough to treat it well with appropriate care so that it disappears as quickly as it appeared. But that’s not always the case… and a 32-year-old Russian girl had a bad experience. It’s the New England Journal of Medicine who gave the details of his terrible story, quoted by CNN.

One day, a new pimple appeared on the young woman’s face. But this one didn’t go away in a few days. It was after a walk in the countryside that she realized that a small bump had formed under his left eye. Disappearing in a few days, several other small pimples then settled above his left eye. Finally, about ten days later, his upper lip began to swell on one side only. The Russian quickly got worried and decided to go to a specialist.

A worm that can reach up to 17 centimeters

The movements of the “button” quickly called the doctor, and the verdict was final. They weren’t actually buttons, but of a worm. A very long and ultra-thin white parasite called Dirofilaria repens which could live 10 years in the body, until it reaches the size of 17 centimeters. Usually transmitted to animals such as dogs by mosquitoes, this is an exceptional case.

Doctors were able to remove the worm fairly quickly and easily. After local anesthesia, the specialists made a small incision and extracted the Dirofilaria repens. “It didn’t take me more than 15 minutes” said Vladimir Kartashev, professor of medicine, during an interview with the New England Journal of Medicine.

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