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Diane Leyre, strongly attacked after the publication of this photo

Since winning the title of Miss France in December 2021, Diane Leyre leads a whole new life, under the spotlight. And that seems to please him a lot. The young woman of 24 years plays the game. She shares her daily life with the people who follow her through her social networks. On Instagram in particular, Diane Leyre publishes everything whether in photo or video.

As she had said to Parisian following her election, Diane Leyre is a Miss “positive, spontaneous and (…) nature painting”. No way for her to pretend. She then has the habit of showing herself as she really is. So, if she wants to shoot an Instagram story when she’s not not yet made up, she is doing it ! And she is right. She proves that even beauty queens are like us! Thus, it is not uncommon to see her Natural, without any artifice.

Miss France 2022 without makeup on Instagram

Diane Leyre shines without makeup, so why show only make-up? Miss France 2022, still very connected, quite regularly posts stories of her naturally, in the morning when you wake up or even in the evening when you go to bed. Without asking any questions, therefore, after spending the day in the sun tanning, Diane Leyre took her phone to share her day with her community.

Although she thought about applying sunscreen, Diane Leyre showed some Sun burn in body and face. Of course, on this story, the Miss was in a swimsuit and without makeup. She also wrote on the video: “No makeup because it’s been too long since I’ve shared a natural story”. But now, although naturally sublime, Diane Leyre received criticism following the publication of this post.

The development of Diane Leyre

“Fortunately you often wear make-up” took the liberty of telling him a surfer. A comment that did not pass with the pretty brunette who did not hesitate to take a screenshot of the message which she then shared as a story on Instagram. Miss France 2022 pushed a rant against this kind of people who follow her and who attack her on her physique.

“In a world full of complexes, what a shame to write things like that” she wrote. Diane Leyre specifies that it is the only inappropriate comment that she received following the publication of this story. On the contrary, the rest of her community encouraged her to be more makeup-free: “many of you have written to me telling me that you like the natural or that you want me to post more often! So for that, thank you”.

On the other hand, she was disappointed by this negative comment and took the opportunity to make a reminder. “Reading this in 2022, I find it maddening. We are already critical of ourselves, do not create complexes in others”, she wrote. “So to all the young people who follow me: don’t be fooled by the bad comments you may read. Only you know your true worth.” A message that invites more kindness.

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