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did she abuse cosmetic surgery? Her fans no longer recognize her!

At the age of 54, Nicole Kidman is an accomplished actress! Not only recognized for her talent, but also for her timeless beauty. Followed by several million fans on social networks, it does not escape the criticism of certain Internet users taken aback by the physical change of the international star.

Nicole Kidman: her physique at the heart of criticism

Under one of her latest Instagram posts, Nicole Kidman paid the price. Indeed, as she posed alongside director Lulu Wang, she quickly had to deal with a wave of negative comments targeting her physique.

This time it was not the presence of wrinkles on her face that caused the reactions in the comments (as was the case for Alessandra Sublet), but on the contrary their absence! Nicole Kidman indeed displays a perfectly smooth face without imperfection… Irrefutable proof of the addiction to botox of the actress for some.

Under this series of shots on which the actress appears natural, without makeup, we can actually read: “ What have you done to your face? », « Unrecognizable », « You don’t look like you used to, please stop “, or ” What happened to you Nicole? “.

Botox, injections, lifting… What did Nicole Kidman use?

Did Nicole Kidman abuse cosmetic surgery as much as her subscribers claim? This is the question posed by the New York Post to a plastic surgeon. Verdict: “ There’s no doubt these photos make it look like it’s had a facelift “, according to her.

The expert continues: It can be said that the deep facial structures have been pulled and lifted, this is most evident on the corners of the forehead and the corners of the mouth “. She adds : “ Jaw and neck look tighter and much younger, this is impossible without surgery “.

This is classic in early facelift healing »

It is clear that nothing escapes him! The plastic surgeon even concedes “ see face and neck lift scars on the picture that shocked the web so much. ” You can see that the area just in front of this incision line looks flat. This is classic in early facelift healing, a year or less “, she ends up explaining.

His relationship to cosmetic surgery? Nicole Kidman never really addressed it. It is even a theme about which she prefers to remain ambiguous. Elle 2013, she confided in the columns of the Italian newspaper La Repubblica: “ No surgery for me. I had Botox, unfortunately, but I stopped and now I can move my face again“.

Either way, Nicole Kidman is and will remain the glamor icon she’s embodied for years now. Her fans will soon be able to find her in expatsthe next series of Amazon in which she is illustrated in the role of Margaret.

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